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 Welcome To AHS

Welcome to Arapahoe High School, the largest of the three high schools in the Littleton Public School District. The Littleton community is located south of Denver, Colorado.  Read more . . .


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 Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an engaging teaching-learning environment that values student individuality and encourages students to

  • recognize and achieve their full potential,
  • collaborate in the learning process,
  • become lifelong learners, and
  • participate actively in their local and global societies.

Updated Fall 2007.

Download the complete AHS Mission and Vision statement.

 Photo of the Week

AHS students read and discussed Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind
and then had a conversation via Skype with him.

 9th Grade Language Arts Honors Summer Reading
 AP Literature Summer Reading
 AP English Language Summer Reading
 Incoming Freshmen Math Skills Assessment

All incoming freshmen (Class of 2015) should complete the Math Skills Assessment before the first day of school. This may take some time to work through, so we recommend completing it before August.

 Athletic Summer Camps
 2011-12 AHS Pathfinder

Download the 2011-12 Pathfinder (curriculum information and course descriptions).

 Laptop Computer Recommendations

AHS has a wireless network in place that students can access. Learn more, including our thoughts about wireless and our recommendations regarding laptop computers.


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