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Orlando 2011: A Leadership Consultation

From Orlando

Orlando 2011 Affinity Consultations

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Loving Our Communities to Christ - Special Report for Orlando 2010
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Session Transcripts

A Larger Evangelism - Plenary Speaker Lon Allison

Response from Ed Stetzer - "A Deeper Evangelism"

Response from R. York Moore - "God's Greater Eschatological Vision and Global Evangelization"

Response from Deborah Gill - "Make Real Disciples, Empower the Laity, and Pray for Revival"

Revitalizing U.S. Missions - Plenary Speaker Hwa Yung

Forging a New Partnership with the Global Church - Plenary Speaker Doug Birdsall

Response from Tom Lin - "The Role of the Next Generation of the U.S. Church in World Evangelization"

Response from Sara Singleton - "Allowing God into Every Area of Your House"

A Fresh Understanding of What it Means To Be the Global Church - Plenary Speaker Esme Bowers

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