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Barry Sellers: CNP Torch Bearer Award Recipient

Soumitra Sengupta, Awards for Professionalism: Top of the Mark – Volunteer Award Recipient

Vivek Thangaswamy, Awards for Professionalism: Professional Excellence and Innovation Award Recipient

Brian Cameron, Awards for Professionalism: Career Achievement Award Recipient, Professor and Executive Director, Center for Enterprise Architecture, Founder FEOPO

Dirk Schrader: Chief Technology Officer, Technology and CRM Authority

Caroline Weilinger, Microsoft Career Factor Idol Winner – The Office Competition Contender

Simon Davis, Microsoft Career Factor Idol Winner – The IT Manager

Steve Molkentin, Microsoft Career Factor Idol Winner – The Job Seeker

Eddie Boles, Microsoft Career Factor Idol Winner – The DIY IT Professional

Articles & Reviews

"Resume Posting vs. Resume Distribution—Do YOU Know the Difference?"
"Top 20 Leadership Tools You Can Use"
"Three Things Every Recruiter Looks for in a Resume"
"Building the Perfect Resume"
"The Lost Art of Goal Achievement Emotions are the Key"

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