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The Executive Board

Chairman & Head of International Affairs

Dr. Mahmoud Jibril

Holder of a Doctorate in strategic planning and decision-making from the University of Pittsburg in Pennsylvania ,where he was teaching at the same University. He published several books on strategic planning and had a leading role in the drafting of the United Arab Training Manual. He managed numerous training for Arab Leaders. In 2007 he was appointed in Libya as head of the National Economic Development Board for the promotion of liberalization and privatization policies. He left his position in 2010. He was involved in the “Libya Vision” project aiming at instituting democracy in Libya.


Dr. Ali Al-Issawi

Holder of a Doctorate in privatisation. In 2005 he was appointed as Director General of the Ownership Expansion Program, (a government privatisation fund) and founded in 2006 the Centre for Export Development. From 2007 to 2009 he was nominated Minister of Economy, Trade and Investment. He was holding the post of Libyan Ambassador to India at the outbreak of the revolution

Internal Affairs and Local Government

Ahmed Hussein Al-Darrat


Mahmoud Shammam


Dr. Naji Barakat 

Justice and Human Rights

Mohammed Al-Allagi

Social Welfare

Dr. Hania Al-Gumati


Dr. Abdullah Shamia

Finance and Oil

Dr. Ali Al-Tarhuni

Transportation and Communications

Dr. Anwar Al-Faytouri


Abulgassim Nimr

Culture and Community

Atia Lawgali

Religious Affairs and Endowments

Abdulsalam Al-Shikhy

Reconstruction and Infrastructure

Ahmed Al-Jehani



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