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RIBnet is an essential resource for users of rigid inflatable boats, novices and experienced RIB users alike. Whether you're a commercial or leisure user, a RIB racer or if you just use rigid inflatable boats as a means to an end, there is something here for you.

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At the heart of the site are the very busy discussion forums, which contain a wealth of information about RIB use and powerboating as well as the popular ribs for sale section. A comprehensive trade directory is your one stop shop for every sort of supplier you're likely to need, and if that's not enough there's a rapidly growing database of links to other related sites too.

RIBnet was launched at the beginning of 1998 and has constantly grown ever since, with visitors from the UK and throughout the world. The top rated RIB web site on Google, RIBnet brings you up to date news and the combined experience of thousands of contributors - it's better than a magazine!

What is a RIB? RIBs, sometimes known as rigid inflatable boats, rigid hull inflatable boats, or RHIBs, are powerboats fitted with inflatable collars or tubes. As well as excellent fendering, this makes RIBs almost unsinkable and suitable for use in all sorts of conditions. RIBs are some of the most versatile boats available and are used as rescue boats by the RNLI, as patrol boats by the military, as work boats in the North Sea, as race boats in international competitions, as tenders to yachts and superyachts, and as general purpose all round cruising boats by families around the world.

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