Church says sorry over forced adoptions

Giselle Wakatama - ABC (Australia) 0 Comments

Sorry sorry sorry. Oh dear, so sorry. It doesn’t know what came over it. It was a moment of carelessness that lasted for decades.

Pope's UK visit prompts increase in sex...

Riazat Butt - 0 Comments

Researchers Aim for Direct Brain...


Kosher Pork in Sunnyside

Philip Gourevitch - The New York Times 1 Comments

Telebortions: Subverting Anti-Choicers...

Jessica Grose - Slate 6 Comments

Court decision ends threat to US...

Peter Aldhous - New Scientist 3 Comments

How Eating Frog Legs Is Causing Frog...

John Platt - Scientific American 1 Comments


- - e-mail 8 Comments

In Lawsuit, Cite Constitutional Rights and Church’s Disdain for Non-Christians Who Died on 9/11

Dark winters 'led to bigger human...

Judith Burns - BBC News Science &... 12 Comments

Humans living at high latitude have bigger eyes and bigger brains to cope with poor light during long winters and cloudy days, UK scientists have said.

Dear Angry Lunatic: a response to Chris...

Sam Harris - The Blog 39 Comments

50 Famous Academics & Scientists Talk...

YouTube - JPararajasingham - Open... 61 Comments

Jonathan Pararajasingham has pulled together a montage of 50 renowned academics, mostly all scientists, talking about their thoughts on the existence of God.

Human brains wired to empathize, study...

Mary Elizabeth Dallas - USA Today 18 Comments

A person's brain works hard to empathize or understand what it's like to walk in other people's shoes, no matter how different they may be, a new study indicates.

Spare the rod and develop the child

- - McGill (Canada) 72 Comments

Study suggests non-corporal discipline aids children’s executive-functioning ability

The Believing Brain

Michael Shermer - 5 Comments



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