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This site will have updates as available - please ensure you sign up at the garage for email updates

The Christmas Lunch/Dinner sign up is now closed - copies of the sittings will be posted at STC December 4th - we look forward to seeing you on the 10th!.


Click here to see Arlene's new dog Duke

The 2005 Christmas Lunch/Dinner was a great success - we have created a Yahoo Group to display the photos, click HERE to visit the site (you will need a free Yahoo account to access the site)

Consider volunteering for the social committe - without your support the Club will not survive!

We need your email to ensure we communicate events in a timely manner - please click here to see if we need your contact information.

Members can sign out a Costco card from the depot
- you can use cash or debit but no cheques and the card must be returned the same day-


Yearly Events

Back Yard BBQ (TBA - July 2007)
Crib Night (TBA - Jan 2007)

Family Christmas Dinner (10 December 2006)

Contact Marv Eldridge, President via STC for more information

Note: our "official" name is Surrey Social Club