Jun 1, 2007

Work Goes On, Help Needed in Afghanistan

I don’t usually post entire emails but the world is sorely in need of more positive news. So here is an email that came from The Spirit of America Team regarding their work in Afghanistan. Good stuff!

SGM James McDowell serves as the Operations Sergeant Major for the 1-508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. Currently based out of Kandahar, they are the Theater Reserve, going out to hot spots throughout Southern Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. Here are some excerpts from SGM McDowell’s emails:

“The Taliban’s biggest ally is that the local people are destitute, and hungry for any good deed. We could use some good deeds on our side, with your help. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We could use however much of these supplies as you can provide.”

With the support of Spirit of America, he would like to provide basic farming tools; shovels, hoes, rakes and picks to help the Afghan farmers and their families.
SGM McDowell writes.

“They are coveted so greatly that farmers literally have slug-fests fighting with each other over hoes, shovels, picks, rakes, etc. If you sent several hundred, it would not be too much.”

He also needs school supplies, soccer balls, stuffed animals, any type of clothes; shoes, socks, gloves, especially for women and children.

“As for quantities of everything, I have about 15 platoons on the ground. Each one of these 25-30 man elements has several Hummers that can carry some amount of boxes of each of these items. So, if you can provide maybe a few hundred of each item to start with: i.e. school back packs, balls, and beanies, that will spread out nicely.

We seem to hit several villages varying from 12 to 50 families each along our way every day when hunting bad guys. We also have a local program right at our home base in Kandahar that provides items to the locals around base, and there are thousands of destitute families just within a few miles. What I am saying is, I can use as much as you can send. It is going to be a long summer. We will be fighting Taliban all over Afghanistan, and spreading whatever you send. I doubt you could ever send too much.”

In closing, SGM McDowell writes: “I am very pleased that you are helping. You may never know what the impact of your actions means over here. I have been just about everywhere in 26 years in the Army; Egypt, Palestine, Nepal, Thailand, etc, but I have never seen desperation like this.

Thank you for your professionalism and great kindness.

May God bless you all.


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