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Frequently asked questions

From institutions interested in affiliation and agents

I represent a campus-based college or similar institution that is interested in offering programs that can lead to an EAU degree. Can I discuss this with your administration?
We welcome contact from potential new affiliated campus centers. Please contact us via email by clicking here and giving full details of your center and the programs you would like to offer. We will get in touch by return.

I represent a university interested in strategic partnership with EAU. Can I discuss this with your administration?
EAU is selective in entering into such relationships and will only do so when certain criteria are clearly met. Please contact us via email by clicking here and giving full details of your proposal and its potential benefits for EAU and its students.

I am an agent interested in recruiting students for your campus programs. What should I do?
Contact the campus(es) you are interested in directly. Do not contact the University.

From potential students

Which degrees are offered?
The degrees of Bachelor, Master and Doctor are all offered in a number of fields, with the Bachelor degree generally available on-campus only. See our Programs page.

Programs in conventional (allopathic) medicine are not currently offered by the University. The University also restricts program availability in some other licensable fields in situations where the candidate is not already professionally licensed.

How much does the program cost? How long will it take?
Fees for campus-based and mixed mode programs are different from those for distance learning programs. If studying on campus, you should contact the campus administration directly for an up-to-date schedule of fees. Click here for tuition fees for the distance learning programs.

Our mission is to offer an individualized, mentored program at a fraction of the cost of many other universities. The standard program duration may be reduced considerably if you have assessable prior learning to bring to it, such as in a APEL program. Equally, the amount of time and effort you have to give to your studies will be a major factor in determining how long you will take until graduation. These factors will often mean that you can complete your degree in significantly less time than in a traditional program, though there is no difficulty should you need or wish to take longer.  

How do I apply? When can I start?

Click here for specific application information. You may start your program at any point in the year.

Is European-American University accredited by a government-recognized organization?
Yes. All degree programs of the University are reviewed and validated by the Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica (UNEM). The Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica has been accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada (CONESUP) of the Ministry of Education, Costa Rica, since 5 November 1997, and is listed in the International Association of Universities International Handbook of Universities. Graduates of an EAU program can go on to obtain a dual degree award from UNEM without further academic requirements, on payment of a validation fee.

Royal Charter
In August 2010, as a mark of recognition and support for the University's educational programs in Ghana and throughout Africa, the University was awarded a Royal Charter from HRH Nana Dr. Obeng Wiabo V, the Chief of Gomoa Nyanyano, and Oshihene (Chairman of Lands) of Gomoa Akempim Traditional Area, Ghana. Ghana's historic traditional monarchies are recognized under the Chieftaincy Act 1971.

>>Further information and accreditation documentation

Are the standards of European-American University comparable to those applied by traditional on-campus degree programs?

In terms of academic rigor, we believe that our standards are at least as demanding as those of traditional programs, although our intention is to offer a consciously different form of educational experience with the learner in control of his or her own learning process. Every single major aspect of the University's academic processes has precedent in the processes of mainstream institutions.

The University's distance learning program is much more flexible than that of any traditional institution - in terms of being self-designed and self-paced. Therefore, in terms of personal attention and concentration on the particular needs of the student, it far exceeds what is available elsewhere. We believe strongly, and with significant historical precedent in support, that this flexibility is achieved without compromising academic standards, and that being different from traditional institutions does not make us inferior to them.

Does European-American University give any credit for "life experience"?
No, European-American University does not give any credit for "life experience". Only properly documented prior learning and credits earned whilst enrolled on the program may count towards a degree award.

Are your degrees accepted in employment?
This is a decision for the individual employer. We have received positive feedback from employers whom we have consulted, indicating that the personalized nature of our program is welcomed by the business community. With all issues of acceptance, however, you should make your own enquiries to ensure that the degree you intend to pursue will meet your present and future needs.

Do you accept transfer credit from other schools?

We accept transfer credit from other schools, always on a case by case basis, without limit to the transfer that is possible within our published limits. However, not all schools award credit responsibly. In such cases, while explicitly not endorsing the school or program concerned, we will generally be open-minded as to allowing the candidate an opportunity to prove themselves in our program through a probationary period.

Do credits from European-American University transfer to other schools?

Relevant decisions concerning the acceptance of European-American University credits by any institution are made at the sole discretion of the receiving institution. European-American University makes no representation whatsoever concerning the transferability of any European-American University credits to any institution.

If you are considering continuing your education at, or transferring to, any institution other than European-American University, you must not assume that credits earned at European-American University will be accepted by the receiving institution without first verifying this independently. An institution's legal or accreditation status does not guarantee that credits earned at that institution will be accepted for transfer by the other institution, and no institution, however illustrious and whatever its accreditation status, can state truthfully that its credits are universally accepted in all situations. You must contact the registrar of the receiving institution to determine which European-American University credits, if any, that institution will accept.

Do you accept international students?

Our affiliated campuses are happy to consider applications from international students. Our distance learning program is designed for students anywhere in the world. The language of the program is normally English, though documents in other languages can also be accepted if accompanied by a certified translation into English.

Are scholarships and financial aid available?
As an international non-governmental organization, the University does not participate in government-funded aid programs and it cannot offer a general scholarship scheme, although it is actively seeking donors for such a scheme to benefit students from developing countries. Financial aid may be available via employers and private sources of finance such as commercial loan companies. The University does not recommend particular providers of financial aid.

Can I view a sample of the degree certificate/diploma?
Yes, please click here to view it.

Do you issue printed catalogs?
The University makes its own professionally printed prospectus available via affiliated campuses only and does not send it by postal mail. Affiliated campuses may well also issue their own printed catalogs describing their programs - you will need to apply to them directly for copies of these. All information regarding the distance learning program and the University as an institution is on this website ready for you to print out if you wish.

Some of your competitors conduct admissions via the telephone. You don't. How come?
The use of telephone processes in admissions is usually a cover for high-pressure sales and marketing. We are aware that some of our competitors operate what amount to call centres with admissions counsellors paid on commission. We don't do that. We want you to think carefully about your decision to enrol with us, and to be absolutely sure we are right for you before enrolling. There is no high pressure sales talk because our emphasis is on achieving quality and satisfaction for a select market, not on "pile 'em high" tactics.

Since European-American University has close links with several religious organizations, must I accept particular beliefs in order to study successfully on its programs?
No. The University accepts students of all creeds and none. The University's admissions and other policies specifically do not discriminate on grounds of religious faith and belief.

About the distance learning program

Is the distance learning program really totally nonresidential?

Yes. The program is totally nonresidential and can be completed entirely from your home environment.

Does it matter if I move house during the distance learning program?
Not in the least (but please do let your University Mentor know where you can be contacted). You can complete our program even if your life involves constant travel.

Are mature students accepted to the distance learning program?

Absolutely! European-American University's distance learning program is designed specifically with mature adults in mind. In fact, those below the age of 22 are not normally admitted, though there may be some exceptions. We encourage applications from working adults and from seniors. No matter how old you are, you can still complete a degree with us in your own time and in the way that suits you best.

Is this "virtual learning"? Must I take classes online?

Absolutely not. EAU does not offer classes in a virtual environment since all of its distance learning programs are individually tailored, and current solutions in the virtual environment are only suitable and practicable when a common syllabus and program content is being delivered. Students will generally complete the program through home-based correspondence study, though they may also at their choice integrate some campus-based study that they themselves contract with a learning provider in their area. Programs can also accommodate elements of continuous assessment in the workplace, or independent research. Often, candidates select a combination of different learning modes and then formally propose the resulting self-designed program through a learning contract.

From graduates

Can I order a class ring and/or academic regalia?

You can order class rings at The Ring Company, which allows full customization of your ring with different stones, metals and text in a full range of sizes. Please note that the University does not supply rings itself and is not affiliated with The Ring Company. Graduates should contact the company (or another of their choice) directly for all enquiries.

If you want to reproduce the University's coat of arms on a ring, please seek permission from the University first. We can supply you with high-quality artwork for use by your chosen designer.

The University has its own scheme of academic regalia. Graduates will be supplied with details enabling them to purchase regalia from he authorized supplier.

From others

Why "European-American University"?

We believe that our educational methods represent the best of both the European and the American educational systems, and that this international focus assists our mission as a global institution. The University's jurisdiction of registration is in the Americas (the Commonwealth of Dominica). We have no operational connection to the United States, and are not endorsed by or associated with the European Union.

What is your policy on appearing in directories of programs and schools?

We generally choose not to appear in the standard directories of schools at this time - though sometimes we may be listed without our knowledge or permission. Most directories require payment for inclusion, whether or not they publically admit this, and we do not generally wish to participate in this form of advertising. Other directories do not include private institutions as a matter of policy. We do not authorise others to provide information on our behalf (with the exception of affiliated campuses for the purpose of the programs we validate), and EAU's official websites are the only places where authoritative information from the University may be obtained online. Our News section contains links to press releases and information updates.

What is your policy on appearing in the Internet Archive?

Along with many other websites, we choose not to appear in the Internet Archive at this time because we do not wish to assign the copyright on our site to third parties and intend to retain control of the material officially representing EAU that appears on the Internet.

Can I ask a question that isn't answered here?

Please feel free to click here to ask us a question, and we will do our best to be helpful.