Ira’s response

Not one to stand idle when accusations are being thrown around, Ira Glass posted a response to the press release and letter on his blog.

Open letter from her lawyer

David Oedel, a law professor representing Amanda Williams sent a 14 page letter to Ira Glass, and released it publicly soon after.

Press Release from the judge

Judge Amanda Williams released a press release in response to Ira Glass’ story, which attempts to paint him as a character assassin, and claims that it was full of falsehoods.

This Site’s Future

I visited this site after hearing the This American Life story, wanting to find more information about what was happening. The first thing I read here was the previous owner’s note about this site’s future — this person could no longer risk running it due to concerns of retaliation from people associated with Judge Williams:

Due to financial and political pressure we are being forced to hand over the reigns of ImpeachJudgeWilliams.com.

We are planning to give over control of the website and domain name for FREE to someone knowledgeable in website maintenance and moderation, if anyone is willing.


Since I’m a web developer, I have server space available for something like this, and I feel that shining light on corruption is always a good thing, so I offered to move the site and take over as the administrator.

I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this, but I’ll try to keep up with any news that comes my way, and post it here.


“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” -John Dalberg-Acton (1949)

Judge Amanda Williams
Judge Amanda F. Williams

This is about a Judge in southeast Georgia who has reigned supreme for over 20 years. If you are in front of her you are subject to screaming, cursing, and unfair treatment. Depending on her mood you could get bond? Or then again if she’s had a rough morning you’re in for the long haul.

Is this the pathetic crumbles our American justice system has diminished to? Are we so ill-advised and blind that we allow tyrants like this to ruin lives and banish our fellow citizens?

Stand up and do something about it!!

Joe Iannicelli

Contact the owner of this site: admin@ImpeachJudgeWilliams.com