DSNR Group

The DSNR Group is headquartered in Israel with offices in Ra’anana and Netanya. With an employee force of 800 people, our company services both private individuals and businesses throughout the world. The company consists of five subsidiaries which are independently managed and specializing in their market niche.

Established in 2001, the DSNR Group has expanded into new industries, all related to the marketing and sales of services for internet based products. Our performance is recognized as innovative, creative and setting new standards. The Group’s management philosophy encourages employee initiative and compensates staff with promotional incentives for outstanding management on projects. The success of DSNR Group is, in major part, due to the exceptional contributions of our employees who have advanced their professional careers through the launching of new projects and methodologies.

The group was established by entrepreneurs Nino Ransenberg and Daniel Scalosub who collectively have dozens of years of experience in marketing for hi-tech industries, various enterprises, and the establishment and management of globally-based projects.