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Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse

Posted by admin On December - 2 - 2010
Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse

Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse

Here are a creative floating house design ideas with dock and boathouse. This floating house has unique and creative design, that float above the water at a lake. Suit for family who like swimming, fishing, or boating. It’s may looks like a holiday house. The atmosphere here was very natural, because it’s surround with nature, water, trees, mountain every where around this house. This house is floating in the water between the windswept trees and rocky terrain feature Canadian Shield – not an easy building site, but definitely worth the effort. This scenic spot, a boat ride of 20 minutes from the mainland, provides the perfect setting for island home, which has been described as a “necklace” of buildings wrapped around the island – a main house with a boathouse and docks built and a series of small detached houses to accommodate the many guests at night to climb to spend summers here. The wooden cottage combines with its surroundings, which seem untouched, providing the perfect getaway. The interior, only 1,250 square meters, is also wood veneers – walls, ceilings, floors and even bathroom accessories. This house is located at northeastern side of Lake Huron. Let’s see this Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse pictures below.

Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse wooden dock

Creative Floating House Design Ideas with Dock and Boathouse wooden dock

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