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The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award looks like a Nebula, but is not a Nebula. It's presented by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, at their annual Nebula Awards banquet, to a living author for a lifetime's achievement in SF and/or fantasy, and the trophy, a lucite block, is the same design as the annual Nebula Awards. But it's not a Nebula Award.

History The award, formerly known as the Grand Master Award, was renamed in 2002 after SFWA's founder, who died that year.
Eligibility period Only living writers are eligible.
Losers Club Not (yet) Grand Masters: Samuel R. Delany; Kate Wilhelm; Connie Willis; Gene Wolfe
Never Won No longer living and therefore forever ineligible: J.G. Ballard; James Blish; John Brunner; Algis Budrys; Thomas M. Disch; Philip K. Dick; Frank Herbert; C.L. Moore; Robert Sheckley (who was however named an Author Emeritus); Theodore Sturgeon; Roger Zelazny
Process Award recipients are determined by SFWA officers, not by general membership. Though there was an initial rule that no more than six awards would be made in any decade, recently this has been relaxed, with a Grand Master Award given almost every year since 1995, perhaps in recognition of the number of senior writers still living who are deserving.
Comments Unlike Nebula winners, recipients of Grand Master Awards are usually announced in advance of the annual SFWA Awards banquet.
Website http://www.sfwa.org/awards/grand.htm

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