Where Two or Three are Gathered:
A Christian Socialist Family Tree

by Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston is an Anglican priest in Ireland. He is currently Vicar in the Waterford parish group.

The history of Christian Socialism is littered with various groups, often with similar names and overlapping membership. The following is a short chronological guide to such groups, the dates of their existence and the names of a few of their most prominent members. It is hoped this will give an impression of the evolution and development of the movement and the importance of certain personalities to the history of both individual groups and the movement as a whole. It is not meant to be comprehensive, having a decidedly British focus and not including other 'radical' Christian groups, only those explicitly espousing some form of socialism. Both 'revolutionary' and 'reformist' strands have been included, and in addition to those groups particularly important to the development of Anglo-Catholic Socialism, other Anglican and non-Anglican groups have been included as an indication of the surrounding milieu in which ACS evolved. Additions and corrections are welcome.

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