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Published: 27/02/09
New BSAC website Launched
Published: 08/09/08
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New BSAC Website

ANNOUNCEMENT: New BSAC website Launched
BSAC has relaunched, with our completely redesigned website now live and just waiting for you to take a browse!
Please Note: this Website is closed, if you have arrived here via a search engine, please use the search tool below using the same criteria.
The British Sub Aqua Club was born as a club for divers and remains so today, in fact it's the biggest diving club in the world. As the Governing body for underwater activities in the UK, BSAC provides a training programme for divers and instructors and safety advice tailored to safe enjoyment of the sport in the UK and throughout the world.
So whether you're a complete beginner, you've tried diving on holiday, or you've already qualified with another diving organisation, BSAC has the perfect solution for you to either start or continue your enjoyment of the sport.
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