I’m in the Cloud and It’s Really Foggy Up here!


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Before anyone else says it, let me: the Cloud has always been up there and it's not all a repackaging stint to revive people's interest in it. It's what we can now do in the Cloud that is really fascinating.

'Anything and Everything As A Service' is allowing companies to be more dynamic and have more control over their data at every level. The only reason for it being so unclear up here is the fact that there is just too much going on in the virtual world, with fewer 'anchors' to physically archive data. So not only is your primary source of information virtual, so are your backups and for those of you who remember what the 'physical data storage' of places like the Driving License office used to be, this model is a lot cleaner and makes information retrieval much easier.

I don't think anyone doubts the following formula: increased and more efficient access to the Cloud = increased and more efficient access to Data and it's in these 'lean times' that all this efficiency seems even more attractive. But because there is so much more you can do, not everyone has been able to figure out the security aspect of the Cloud and that's what our cover story this issue is. We posed the question about whether or not people considered the Cloud to be more secure than traditional computing and you'll find the responses and analysis an interesting read. We also called up and asked companies across Pakistan what parameters they would consider before engaging with the Cloud and some of the responses were surprising. It took us a long time to collect the responses since we were calling non-tech companies, we wanted to see just how aware they were of the Cloud.... That's why I refer to the answers as 'surprising' for the most part.

We've also spoken with Qazi Ahmed from PakCERT and asked him about the Information Security landscape of Pakistan. In fact, you may recall him from being the person who identified the Hotmail vulnerability. Additionally, we also have Aun Ali Motani talk about the trend of IT Audits in companies in Pakistan, Talha Habib, an Information Security Analyst speak about the quality of HR in InfoSec along with Fraz Wahlah, a legal expert addressing some legal concerns about their presence online and how to protect their identity.

We've had a lot of people write in, who want to address or write about specific issues and since we're reworking the website, we'll be having a web-only edition where we're inviting you to contribute your ideas or blog posts, in addition to keeping the feedback coming and let us know how we're doing. CIO Pakistan completes its first year in August, so watch out for some exciting updates on our website!

Until the next issue,Signing off

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