The Lawns

The Lawns complex is a group of 7 halls of residence grouped around a catering and social centre, on 40 acres of landscaped parkland on the outskirts of Cottingham, 3.5 miles from the main campus.

The Lawns

What are the features?

  • Over 250 free off-road parking spaces
  • Each hall has a combined kitchen and dining area (with the expception of Ferens Hall which has a basic kitchenette). Each kitchen includes cookers, microwaves, fridge/freezers and kettles.
  • Telephones - pre-paid voucher operation (some internal calls are free/external calls are charged at 'phonebox' rates for calls within the UK.
  • Residents can use campus computing facilities for internet and network access from their bedrooms, provided they have a suitable PC.
  • Basic personal posessions insurance is included and can be extended for an additional fee.
  • TV room in each Hall.
  • Cleaning of rooms and communal areas (under review).
  • Each hall has laundry facilities

  - 3 washing machines
  - 2 tumble dryers and drying rooms.

  • On-site bus terminus to the University Campus and city centre.
  • Football pitches.
  • 2 showers and 2 bathroom areas for every 7-9 students without en-suite facilities
  • Students should provide their own bed linen.

Downs Hall accommodates 132 students in single rooms, all with wash hand basins.

Ferens Hall accommodates for 191 students all in single rooms - usually 10-15 rooms located along interconnected corridors. Rooms vary in size and don't have washbasins. This is the only Lawns Hall to be semi-catered throughout the 34 week contract.

Nicholson Hall accommodates 124 students comprising 63 en-suite rooms and 58 further single rooms with wash hand basins. 3 rooms with disabled accessibility are also available. As this is the only block of self-catered accommodation at the Lawns, early application is advised.

Lambert Hall accommodates 130 students comprising of 42 en-suite rooms, a further 88 single rooms with wash handbasins. 3 rooms with disabled accessibility are also available.

Grant Hall accommodates 121 students comprising 63 en-suite rooms and a further 58 single rooms with wash hand basins.

Morgan Hall accommodates 133 students in single rooms, all with washbasins and most have a sun terrace.

Reckitt Hall accommodates 121 students - with 63 en-suite rooms and 58 single rooms with wash hand basins.

Nicholson Hall Bungalows house up to 18 students, 6 per bungalow and provides residence which includes the Easter vacation period.

To avoid disappointment, early application for en-suite and self catered accommodation is advised.


What are the shared facilities?
The Lawns Centre provides the main evening meal service to those who are semi-catered, plus a late snack-bar service. The Centre also has bars, a pool room and a television room. Parking is adjacent to the Lawns Centre and bicycle sheds are available at each hall.

Self-catered or Semi-catered?
Two kinds of residence fee are used at the halls on the Lawns site:

1. Semi-catered covers residence and a daily evening meal in the Lawns Centre for 31 weeks of the residence contract. The remaining three weeks from Sunday 25 March - Saturday 14 April (inclusive) cover residence only on a self-catering basis. This applies to all first-year students who stay in Downs, Morgan, Grant, Lambert and Reckitt Hall. Students residing in Ferens Hall will take an evening meal at the Lawns Centre during this period.

2. Self-catering covers residence only (Nicholson Hall and the Nicholson Hall Bungalows.) Individuals with special dietry needs who have to self-cater should apply for this accommodation but please mention this on your application. Self-catering residents can purchase evening meals in the Lawns Centre.


The Contract (Lawns Halls - 34 weeks)

The main Lawns site is closed during the Christmas period and students must vacate the premises. The semi-catered Halls will be open on a self-catered basis over the Easter vacation period. Students who wish to stay are advised to apply for residence in the Nicholson Hall bungalows.

What are the advantages of The Lawns?

  • Evening meal available
  • Large student community
  • The possibility of living with a group of friends in your Second or Third year
  • Sociable atmosphere
  • Good public transport links to the main campus
  • Close to village centre amenities
  • Large number of off-road parking spaces

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Residence Key

Internet Access Internet Access
Distance to cycle to University Cycling Distance to University
Catered Catered
Self-Catered Self-Catered
Bus Routes to University Bus Routes to University
Free Parking Free Off Road Parking Available

Weekly rent varies between £98.91- £116.69