Home Organization Tips

Are you stressed because of all the mess surrounding you? Looking for Home Organization Tips to help you clear out the clutter?

Reduce the Chaos offers assistance to busy professionals who work out of their homes or have a small office, busy parents, and anyone who just wants to be more organized. We help by developing custom solutions to your organizing challenges – we clear out the clutter.

My goal is to make your life easier so you have more time to do the things you love to do!

Home Organization Tips for Your Home Office

Do you spend valuable time looking for lost papers or other items?
Does your office space look like there was a paper explosion?
Are you embarrassed to have family and friends come to your home?

Did you know – the average person spends over 30 minutes a day looking for lost items? That adds up to over 3.5 hours a week, or about 15 hours a month. Think about all the creative and productive things you could do with that much time each month!

  • What do you do with your business cards? Use a business card holder to keep them looking new! Super-tip – keep a separate card holder to hold business cards you receive when you are out and about.
  • Use home office organizers to sort your incoming papers from your outgoing from your ToDo stacks. We’re happy to recommend the best products for your unique system.

Can you visualize your office or home as clutter free and neatly organized?

Physical clutter increases mental clutter, causes health problems from dust or mold, and creates more stress in our daily lives. Clutter may also be a cause of strain on our most important relationships. Use our home organization tips to get started on the path to less stress today!

Ready to learn how to get organized?
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Reduce the Chaos teaches you:

  • Time management techniques and simple shortcuts for everyday tasks
  • How to get organized and de-clutter – at the same time!
  • How to break through the mental & physical roadblocks as a way to reduce stress
  • How to set up effective systems that work for you

Home Organization Tips for Busy Days

Do you set aside time to organize at work and home? Plan blocks of time to organize those problem areas in your life. Just 15 – 30 minutes focused on organizing can achieve results. If you schedule the time, you are more likely to get it done!

Prevent morning chaos: getting ready for work or school in the morning can be hectic, especially with children!

  • Set out clothing the night before.
  • Place backpacks, shoes, purses, briefcases and errand items near the front door before heading to bed.

Preparing the night before can make your mornings less chaotic.

Reduce Clutter with Compassion

People want to get organized, reduce the chaos, and decrease stress in their lives. We work with our clients in a kind and caring manner. We never “make” our clients get rid of their possessions. We offer customized practical solutions and systems. We teach client how to get organized and stay organized.

People who benefit the most from Reduce the Chaos services are men and women who are:

  • working from home
  • busy professionals
  • overwhelmed moms and dads
  • preparing to move or downsize
  • want help organizing small living spaces

Clients who use Reduce the Chaos services are amazed and energized by how much we can accomplish in a few short hours. Custom solutions are designed, simple systems and organizing checklists are put in place, and on-going support is offered in a gentle, caring and positive manner. Getting organized relieves stress and makes everyday life more peaceful.

Home Organization Tips for People on the Go

What to do with those loose maps, re-useable shopping bags, important papers, and emergency supplies? Containerize loose items to prevent them from being stepped on, or falling out the vehicle door when it is opened. Shop an office supply store for portable office plastic bins with lids to collect maps, brochures, and other office items.

Would you like to create more free time in your week and save money? Ever come home from the grocery store and realize you forgot a key item, like toilet paper? Frequent trips cost more in time and money! Go shopping once a week and keep a notepad on the refrigerator to capture items as you need them.

Ready to be free from clutter?
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