Tru Anywhere

Tru Anywhere

Using the Tru App on the move

Tru Anywhere allows you to make low cost calls, wherever you have standard mobile/cell phone coverage. This means you can use Tru for all of your calls, and not just when you have a Wi-Fi/3G connection.

How does Tru Anywhere work?

Tru Anywhere works in two modes: call through and call back, but all the clever behind the scenes stuff happens automatically. Calls made with Tru Anywhere behave like all other calls - you just dial as normal and wait for the call to connect.

Call through (default mode)

Default for : Android / BlackBerry / iPhone / Nokia

Using this method, your call is redirected to a Tru 'access number' in your home country. The Tru App then automatically connects the call to your dialled international destination.

What you pay for...

If your current mobile deal includes bundled, free or low-cost minutes for domestic calls, Tru Anywhere will probably save you money on international calls. In some instances it'll save you a fortune.

Tru Anywhere 'Call Through' is designed for use in your home country only. It is available for residents of the following supported countries.







   Slovakia Slovenia  


Call back

Advanced option for : Nokia (Turn on in Truphone settings)

Tru Anywhere 'Call Back' service can be useful both at home (if you are on a high cost pay-as-you-go tariff) or when travelling abroad.

If you dial an international number (or any number when roaming abroad), and choose to use Tru Anywhere, an SMS is sent to Tru requesting the call. Tru will then call you back, and connect you to your dialled international destination.

What you pay for...

  • An SMS message
  • Low cost Tru call to your own mobile/cell phone
  • Any inbound call charges from your mobile/cell provider
  • Low cost Tru call to your dialled international destination

All calls charged at Tru's standard low international call rates.


Please note: Tru Anywhere calls in Canada, which are not made within the Toronto (416) province, may incur a long-distance call charge from your local operator.

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