Smarter bundles

Smarter bundles

We don't think borders should restrict you doing business.

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Borderless Bundles

At Tru, we are unique in building our mobile plans around international business needs, not country borders. All of our plans give you access to local rates throughout all countries in the Tru Network (saving 90%), some Euro Voice minutes for use in and between 30 European countries and our great roaming rates everywhere (average savings of 30%). 

Plan Price per month Minutes in Tru Network Texts in Tru Network  Data in Tru Network  Minutes in Europe
Essential £20 100 Pay for what you use  100MB 50
Elite 500  £50 500 500 500MB 100 
Elite 1000  £80 1000 1000  1GB 200 
Elite 2000  £140 2000 2000 2GB 500 

Great Add-ons

Tailor your Tru plans to suit your needs with a variety of add-ons:

Business as usual – home and abroad 

Your teams can now make and receive calls freely without worrying about costs. Our great data rates mean they can keep their email and internet switched on when abroad, and your company's smartphones stay smart everywhere.

Local numbers

All plans have the option of having two country numbers – one for the user’s home and one for an alternative country within our network. Bring your existing numbers over to Tru and add mobile numbers for other Tru countries. Improve team availability and collaboration as contacts abroad can stay in touch as easily as if they were just down the road.

Total control and peace of mind

Our fixed rate monthly plans put you in control of your international mobile costs. At Tru we won’t punish you for going over your plan’s allowance. And, even outside our network, we’ll activate the Tru identity that gives you the best savings, so you enjoy great roaming rates elsewhere. There’ll be no nasty surprises, at least not from us.

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