DOGS BLOGS - Thursday Night

It’s Thursday, and the Dog is back home in Donington. 

But what’s this? It looks like the festival’s had a facelift this year. Like a new pair of underwear, it’s different, but it soon becomes a part of you and the dog approves of any change that makes it easier for him to catch his fave bands.

Earlier Dog caught up with the Download Festival Forum faithful at the Boardie BBQ. Free burgers, free booze and a storming set from Forever Never in front of several hundred Downloaders made for a cracking party.

Dog also sniffed out The Pimp (AKA Nip_Animal from the forums) to find out the results of the most important footballing tournament of the summer: the Boardies 5-a-side championship. He let us know The Norwegians beat Anti-Athletic to take home the top prize with Team Random picking up the Dirtiest Team award - the dirty dogs! Dog salutes you all.
Finally Dog spent some time in the campsites and over in The Village, where he not only found his dinner, but he lost it again on one of many stomach-churning rides in the fairgrounnd. Hey, a Dog’s gotta do something before the Duracell tent brings the mosh for the night, right?

But the Dog’s gotta say, while those rides were wild, they ain’t nothing compared to what’s in store tomorrow. We’ve got a smorgasbord of cracking classics and storming new bands for you lot to feast upon, all topped off by the mighty kings of rock’n’roll Kiss.

But right now, the Dog’s got a hot date with one of the girls from the Burlesque show, before he gets his paws on a pair of headphones for the silent disco. Smell ya later!