We'll watch 'MNIK', Mumbai fans promise SRK
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We'll watch 'MNIK', Mumbai fans promise SRK

2010-02-13 15:50:00
Last Updated: 2010-02-13 16:49:29

Mumbai: Many of Shah Rukh Khan's fans in Mumbai vowed on Saturday to watch My Name is Khan, saying the superstar hadn't make any mistake by remarking against the exclusion of Pakistani cricketers from the Indian Premier League (IPL).

'We were always with him. No one should have pointed a finger at Shah Rukh Khan who has given so much to Mumbai and is a big Bollywood star. I have seen his movies since childhood and I am planning to go to watch this one as well. All I want to say is that he didn't do anything wrong,' Shaukat Ali, 36, a bag vendor in Bandra, said.

MNIK controversy: We can sit down and work it out, says SRK

The Shiv Sena had opposed the release of My Name is Khan after Shah Rukh refused to apologise for saying Pakistani cricketers should have been included in this year's IPL.

Despite Sena activists vandalising several theatres in Mumbai that were to screen 'My Name is Khan, fans of 'King Khan' thronged cinema halls where the film released Friday.

But there were certain areas where the movie wasn't shown, leaving his fans disappointed.

'On Friday, there was adequate security in the Navi Mumbai theatres and the crowd was there to watch the movie, yet it was not screened. Hope to watch it this weekend,' said Apar Mathur, 23, a medical intern.

'MNIK' releases in all theatres in Maharashtra

'I am not sure whether it is being screened yet but I am very keen to watch it,' he added.

Ketaki Mishra, a resident, pointed out that the format of IPL matches was such that players from all countries were allowed to participate in it and what Shah Rukh said about the inclusion of Pakistani cricketers made sense.

'Frankly speaking, what Shah Rukh Khan had said didn't call for such ruckus and controversies. It was a generic statement and the issue has been blown out of proportion. He didn't say anything wrong or make any mistake. Why such a big fuss?' she asked.

More on MNIK

Shopkeeper Aayaz Khan said: 'I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. I will watch the movie next week.'

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Posted by Meena on Feb 17,2010 20:49 PM
Range De Basanti was Favorite film of all time. But After watch My Name Is Khan, it is my favorite film of all time. Great movie, I think it will 2nd all time grosser beating Ghajini nearly 200 Cr. But its hard to beat 3 Idiots, Which is also a very good movie, but not best.
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Posted by Surajit on Feb 17,2010 20:43 PM
We do not need commercial films anymore. When Indian audience will stop fate in commercial films. In Hollywood they are no commercial films, they beautiful films. Indian films should be like Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, Chak De India, Wake Up Sid, Omkara & Finally My Name Is Khan. These films actually a perfect film not like Om Shanti Om, Ghajini, Singh Is King, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi etc. BTW MNIK Is best movie of SRK, Kajol & KJo. Great Wanna watch again. See Worldwide gross so much but in India its little down. Indian people should thinks globally.
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Posted by caugh on Feb 13,2010 20:11 PM
All - Just another movie; Dont caught up in unnecessary emotions and bring your usual hindu-muslim stuff; This movie is ok, but not a commercial masala. Only thing I can say is shiv sena unncessarily created a hype and made the movie popular than it is,; Theaters will be empty from Monday so dont waste money buying tickets in black market;
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Posted by Real Patriot on Feb 13,2010 17:10 PM
If Indian Muslims including SRK&bollywood; kahns&actors;& muslim intellectuals are Really Sincere, it is time for If indian muslims to shout that hindus,sikhs and abuddhists and jains are NOT Kafirs and that verses in Quran on infidel kafirs are NOT meant for hindus,sikhs,etc.and that killing hindus or sikhs will not give them heaven with virgins a nd wine as told by Quran. Hindus,sikhs,buddhists and jains MUST join together and drive out all THOSE muslims to pakistan forever who refuse to shout the above statement of hindus,sikhs,etc ARE NOT kafirs,etc HOPE ALL indian muslims clarfiy the above matter and settle this hindu-sikh,etc kafirmuslim hatred in minds of musilms forever.Hope SRK,aamir khans&ALL; muslim intellectuals take lead in making muslims shout that hindus&sikhs; are NOT kafirs and hope there will be eternal peace in our great country and hope indian muslims will take the initiative to solve the worlds and india's greatest terror problem forever.Let US love ALL human Beings and let us Shout that World is one Loving Family and Let us NOT hate any one on the basis of religion or for being an Atheist,please.
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Posted by Real Patriot on Feb 13,2010 17:09 PM
Time Has COME for ALL indians&ALL; Hindus to Realise the Dark Facts&Act; for Solution to the Root Cuase of Terror&genocide; Problem.Unless& until muslims shout that hindus,sikhs&buddhists;,jains areNOT infidel kafirs&shout; that they do NOT believe in words of Quran promising heaven after death with 72 virgins&wine; as aboslute non-sense, muslims will continue to be Killers of infidel kafirs& will indulge in Genocide of hindus&silhs;&other; kafirs to get heaven with virgins,etc.As some one said in this forum,ALLmosques&ALL; churches are terrorist training&child; molestation centres& they are producing terror robots&child; molesters.Unless&until; SRk,aamir khan& ALL muslims SHOUT together that they doNOT believe hindus&sikhs; as kafirs, THEY cannot integrate with hindus&sikhs;& they will support jehadi killers coming from pakistan too.Of course Tv channels like CNN-IBN,Times,Now,NDTV,etc will do their best TO cover up with silly stories targetting hindus&hindu; religious leaders,BUTsoon kafirs WILL react&There; Could be Violent Reaction against killer muslims
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