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Berkshire Parishes

Berkshire Parishes

Thumbnail map of Berkshire

The dark boundaries show the P.L.U. (Poor Law Unions).

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The following is a list of parishes, complete with an OS Grid Reference, as given by the Berkshire Record Office. The BRO has used grid reference to locate the parish church, or other prominent building in a parish.

For the benefit of those who may not be aware, the 'National Grid' is the geographical reference method used by the national mapping agency (the Ordnance Survey) to specify locations in the Bristish Isles.

Example: Abingdon SU4997 (letter version), 749197 (figure version)

SU (or 71) is the reference for the 10 km square; 49 is the easting and 97 is the northing within that 10 km square, giving the 1km square in which the Abingdon parishes will be found. So, one can quickly find the approximate location of the Parish on an Ordnance Survey map dating from the sixth edition 1 inch=1 mile to the modern 1:50,000 series maps.

The Berkshire GenUKI pages include more information on each Parish and Place taken from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868).

Abingdon P BRK ENG SU4997 749197
Abingdon R BRK ENG SU4997 749197
Abingdon, St Helen P BRK ENG SU4997 749197
Abingdon, St Nicholas P BRK ENG SU4997 749197
Aldermaston P BRK ENG SU5965 759165
Aldworth P BRK ENG SU5579 755179
Appleford P BRK ENG SU5293 752193
Appleton P BRK ENG SP4401 744201
Arborfield P BRK ENG SU7567 775167
Ardington P BRK ENG SU4388 743188
Ashampstead P BRK ENG SU5676 756176
Ashbury P BRK ENG SU2685 726185
Aston Tirrold P BRK ENG SU5585 755185
Aston Upthorp P BRK ENG SU5586 755186
Avington P BRK ENG SU3768 737168
Bagley Wood P BRK ENG SP5102 751202
Barkham P BRK ENG SU7867 778167
Basildon P BRK ENG SU6078 760178
Baulking P BRK ENG SU3190 731190
Beedon P BRK ENG SU4878 748178
Beenham P BRK ENG SU5868 758168
Besselsleigh P BRK ENG SP4501 745201
Binfield P BRK ENG SU8471 784171
Bisham P BRK ENG SU8585 785185
Blewbury P BRK ENG SU5385 753185
Boxford P BRK ENG SU4271 742171
Bradfield P BRK ENG SU6072 760172
Bradfield R BRK ENG SU6072 760172
Bray P BRK ENG SU9079 790179
Brightwalton P BRK ENG SU4279 742179
Brightwell P BRK ENG SU5790 757190
Brimpton P BRK ENG SU5564 755164
Buckland P BRK ENG SU3498 734198
Bucklebury P BRK ENG SU5570 755170
Burghfield P BRK ENG SU6668 766168
Buscot P BRK ENG SU2397 723197
Catmore P BRK ENG SU4580 745180
Chaddleworth P BRK ENG SU4177 741177
Charney Bassett P BRK ENG SU3894 738194
Chieveley P BRK ENG SU4773 747173
Childrey P BRK ENG SU3687 736187
Chilton P BRK ENG SU3370 733170
Cholsey P BRK ENG SU5886 758186
Clewer P BRK ENG SU9475 794175
Coleshil P BRK ENG SU2393 723193
Compton P BRK ENG SU5280 752180
Compton Beauchamp P BRK ENG SU2887 728187
Cookham P BRK ENG SU8985 789185
Cookham R BRK ENG SU8985 789185
Cumnor P BRK ENG SP4604 746204
Denchworth P BRK ENG SU3891 738191
Didcot P BRK ENG SU5289 752189
Drayton P BRK ENG SU4894 748194
East Challow P BRK ENG SU3788 737188
East Garston P BRK ENG SU3676 736176
East Hagbourne P BRK ENG SU5388 753188
East Hendred P BRK ENG SU4588 745188
East Ilsley P BRK ENG SU4981 749181
East Lockinge P BRK ENG SU4287 742187
East Shefford P BRK ENG SU3974 739174
Easthampstead P BRK ENG SU8667 786167
Easthampstead R BRK ENG SU8667 786167
Eaton Hastings P BRK ENG SU2597 725197
Enborne P BRK ENG SU4365 743165
Englefield P BRK ENG SU6272 762172
Faringdon R BRK ENG SU2895 728195
Farnborough P BRK ENG SU4381 743181
Fawley P BRK ENG SU3981 739181
Finchampstead P BRK ENG SU7963 779163
Frilford P BRK ENG SU4397 743197
Frilsham P BRK ENG SU5473 754173
Fyfield P BRK ENG SU4298 742198
Garford P BRK ENG SU4296 742196
Goosey P BRK ENG SU3591 735191
Great Coxwell P BRK ENG SU2693 726193
Great Farringdon P BRK ENG SU2895 728195
Greenham P BRK ENG SU4865 748165
Hampstead Marshall P BRK ENG SU4165 741165
Hampstead Norris P BRK ENG SU5175 751175
Harwel P BRK ENG SU4989 749189
Hatford P BRK ENG SU3394 733194
Hinton Waldrist P BRK ENG SU3798 737198
Hungerford P BRK ENG SU3368 733168
Hungerford P BRK ENG SU8283 782183
Hurst P BRK ENG SU7973 779173
Inkpen P BRK ENG SU3764 737164
Kennington P BRK ENG SP5202 752202
Kingston Bagpuize P BRK ENG SU4098 740198
Kingston Lisle P BRK ENG SU3287 732187
Kintbury P BRK ENG SU3866 738166
Lambourn P BRK ENG SU3278 732178
Leckhampstead P BRK ENG SU4376 743176
Letcombe Bassett P BRK ENG SU3785 737185
Letcombe Regis P BRK ENG SU3886 738186
Little Coxwell P BRK ENG SU2893 728193
Little Wittenham P BRK ENG SU5693 756193
Long Wittenham P BRK ENG SU5493 754193
Longcot P BRK ENG SU2790 727190
Longworth P BRK ENG SU3999 739199
Lyford P BRK ENG SU3994 739194
Maidenhead P BRK ENG SU8781 787181
Marcham P BRK ENG SU4596 745196
Midgham P BRK ENG SU5567 755167
Milton P BRK ENG SU4892 748192
Moulsford P BRK ENG SU5883 758183
New Windsor P BRK ENG SU9576 795176
New Windsor, Chapel Royal P BRK ENG SU9576 795176
New Windsor, St Georges Chapel P BRK ENG SU9576 795176
Newbury P BRK ENG SU4767 747167
Newbury R BRK ENG SU4767 747167
North Hinksey P BRK ENG SP4905 749205
North Moreton P BRK ENG SU5689 756189
Old Windsor P BRK ENG SU9874 798174
Padworth P BRK ENG SU6266 762166
Pangbourne P BRK ENG SU6376 763176
Peasemore P BRK ENG SU4577 745177
Purley P BRK ENG SU6675 766175
Pusey P BRK ENG SU3596 735196
Radley P BRK ENG SU3769 737169
Reading P BRK ENG SU7173 771173
Reading R BRK ENG SU7173 771173
Reading, St Giles P BRK ENG SU7173 771173
Reading, St Lawrence P BRK ENG SU7173 771173
Reading, St Mary P BRK ENG SU7173 771173
Remenham P BRK ENG SU7784 777184
Ruscombe P BRK ENG SU7976 779176
Sandford P BRK ENG SP4600 746200
Sandhurst P BRK ENG SU8361 783161
Sandleford P BRK ENG SU4764 747164
Shaw cum Donnington P BRK ENG SU4868 748168
Shellingford P BRK ENG SU3193 731193
Shinfield P BRK ENG SU7368 773168
Shottesbrook P BRK ENG SU8377 783177
Shrivenham P BRK ENG SU2489 724189
Sonning P BRK ENG SU7575 775175
Sotwell P BRK ENG SU5890 758190
South Hinksey P BRK ENG SP5004 750204
South Moreton P BRK ENG SU5688 756188
Sparsholt P BRK ENG SU3487 734187
Speen P BRK ENG SU4567 745167
Stanford Dingley P BRK ENG SU5771 757171
Stanford in the Vale P BRK ENG SU4691 746191
Stratfield Mortimer P BRK ENG SU6664 766164
Streatley P BRK ENG SU5980 759180
Sulham P BRK ENG SU6474 764174
Sulhampstead Abbots P BRK ENG SU6467 764167
Sulhampstead Bannister P BRK ENG SU6368 763168
Sunninghill P BRK ENG SU9368 793168
Sunningwell P BRK ENG SP4900 749200
Sutton Courtenay P BRK ENG SU5093 750193
Swallowfield P BRK ENG SU7264 772164
Thatcham P BRK ENG SU5167 751167
Tidmarsh P BRK ENG SU6374 763174
Tilehurst P BRK ENG SU6673 766173
Uffington P BRK ENG SU3089 730189
Ufton Nervet P BRK ENG SU6367 763167
Upton P BRK ENG SU9879 798179
Wallingford P BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Wallingford R BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Wallingford, All Hallows P BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Wallingford, St Leonard P BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Wallingford, St Mary P BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Wallingford, St Peter P BRK ENG SU6089 760189
Waltham St Lawrence P BRK ENG SU8277 782177
Wantage P BRK ENG SU4087 740187
Wantage R BRK ENG SU4087 740187
Warfield P BRK ENG SU8772 787172
Wargrave P BRK ENG SU7878 778178
Wasing P BRK ENG SU5764 757164
Watchfield P BRK ENG SU2490 724190
Welford P BRK ENG SU4073 740173
West Challow P BRK ENG SU3688 736188
West Hanney P BRK ENG SU4092 740192
West Hendred P BRK ENG SU4488 744188
West Ilsley P BRK ENG SU4782 747182
West Shefford P BRK ENG SU3672 736172
West Woodhay P BRK ENG SU3963 739163
White Waltham P BRK ENG SU8577 785177
Wickham P BRK ENG SU3971 739171
Windsor R BRK ENG SU9676 796176
Winkfield P BRK ENG SU9072 790172
Winterbourne P BRK ENG SU4572 745172
Wokingham P BRK ENG SU8086 780186
Wokingham R BRK ENG SU8086 780186
Wolstone P BRK ENG SU3089 730189
Woolhampton P BRK ENG SU5766 757166
Wootton P BRK ENG SP4701 747201
Wytham P BRK ENG SP4708 747208
Yattendon P BRK ENG SU5574 755174

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