Ramon High School  -   General Overview


General Background


Ilan Ramon High School was established in 2006. The school is named after the Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who died in the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy on February 1, 2003.


Ramon High School is a secular High School, which is located in the city ofHod Hasharon and its classes range from 10th to 12th grades. The school has a student population of 460 pupils, who learn in 17 classes. The staff consists of 65 teachers, who all hold either B.A., M.A or Ph.D. degrees. The principal of the school is Dr. Shoshana Nahum.


Ramon High School offers trends, which cater to weak learners, and bright learners alike.  A competitive academic program is offered with the aim that most of its graduates will continue to study in universities throughout Israel and abroad. Pupils are encouraged to fulfill school/community service in organizations such as old-aged homes, youth centers, as helpers in fire-stations, the Magen David Adom, work with at-risk children, and more. Extra-curricular activies are also encouraged. The pupils elect a student council each year, participate in inter-school debating competitions, host musical evenings, and more.




Our mission is to mold a generation of graduates with morals, values, autonomous and critical thinking skills. Therefore, besides meeting educational goals we shall foster intellectual skills and independent thought. In addition, we shall instill moral and values integral to human beings. By integrating moral and values, we will ensure that our graduates are in possession of decent and honorable human characteristics.


Therefore, the objectives of Ramon High School are:


Ø      To instill social, cultural and national values.

Ø      To encourage the capacity for treating others with respect and tolerance.

Ø      To introduce and promote educational programs that encourage a culture of gender equality and equal opportunities for all.

Ø      To integrate various sectors of the population and close academic gaps.

Ø      To inspire a passion for life-long learning.

Ø      The school is committed to preparing the pupils for the demands of

       the 21st century.



Educational Programs


Ø      The school offers both academic and technological programs.

Ø      All classes learn in academic, full matriculation programs.


In order to fullfull all the requirements of an Israeli Bagrut (Matriculation) Certificate, the school offers a varied range of compusory subjects and major trends, which the pupils can learn.


Compulsory Subjects


Each pupil learns a number of compusory subjects:


Hebrew Language and Proficiency


Bible Studies







All students study English and Maths and take matriculation exams at intermediate, high-intermediate or advanced levels.


Major learning trends


In order to complete the Matriculation Certificate, pupils must choose a major learning trend, in one of the following:


Natural Sciences:    Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Programming and Engineering, Computers


Social Sciences:   Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Economics


Arts : Fine Arts and Video Art ,Music


Humanities: Archeology and Eretz Israel Studies,  Arabic, History, Literature,



 Development of Scientific Education


All pupils who study in the Scientific Matriculation track learn basic scientific subjects, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, in addition to Mathematics.


The school offers two major science trends:

      1.   Science class (10th grade):


Enrichment in scientific studies: Astronomy, Bio-Medicine, Scientific Computer Research. In addition to traditional scientific studies, pupils study Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  Mathematics and English at an intensified level. They receive enrichment in Democratic Studies. The science class is geared towards highly academically skilled pupils.


 2.   Computer  Programming and Engineering (10th-12th Grade):


This program qualifies its graduates to work in Computer Programming Development.  A  variety of subjects are studied in this trend, from program analysis to feasibility and system development. Basic concepts in computer science are also studied, such as Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in advanced languages like C#. The pupils plan problem solutions which can be addressed only by computers, study basic programming concepts in Internet environments, and build Internet sites using HTML, ASP and Java Script. Basic work tools for independent work and study are instilled in order to enable development in the future as needed.



Special Projects and Enrichment programs


Educational Journey “Dialogue”:


11th Grade pupils will go on an educational journey and trip. The educational journey will deal with the subject of dialogue. Its main aims will include the processing of subjects such as: conflict, reasons for conflict, dialogue and mediation as a means of gaining conflict resolution. The pupils will stay at The Field School, at Ein Gedi.



Educational Journey “Israeli Tapestry”:


10th grade pupils will go on an educational trip to The Negev, in the south of Israel. Pupils on this journey will meet Israelis from all walks of life, including various populations who live in the Negev, and those which make up the “Israeli Tapestry”.  Pupils will stay at “Har Hanegev” Field School.



 Additional Enrichment Programs:


-   Seminars for Development of a Jewish and Israeli identity.

-   Preparation for receiving an Israeli I.D card. 

-   Gaps among sectors in Israeli society.

-   Visit to the  Holocaust memorial “Yad Va’shem”.

-   Journey to Poland.

-   Young Leadership project

-   Various Lectures.

-   First Aid Course (10th Graders).

-   Gadna – Army Preparation Week (11th graders).

-   Arts Day (10th – 12th graders).

-   Drivers Education Program.

-   Voluntary Community Service.


Lectures and seminars given by the school guidance counselors:


-         Prevention of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

-         Aids.  

-         Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Harassment.

-         Lectures, seminars and special projects “In Preparation for Military Service”.


Academic Projects:


-         Visits to Weitzmann Institute of Science and Research.

-         Project “Support / Encouragement”.

-         Study day- visits to places connected to  Biological issues.

-         Study day- visits to places connected to Archeology and Eretz Israel Studies.

-         Art Trend – museums

-         Music Trend


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