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    People`s Republic of China

    Bilateral Relations

Establishment of Diplomatic Relations:  August 24, 1992

Bilateral Trade (2010): $188.4 billion
 -Exports: $116.8 billion
 -Imports: $71.5billion
 * the ROK's largest partner for trade
The ROK's Investment in China (cumulative total at the end of 2010): $31.7 billion
 * the ROK's largest partner for investment

People-to-People Exchanges: total of 5.9 million visitors (2010)
 -Number of Korean visitors to China: 4.07 million 
 -Number of Chinese visitors to the ROK: 1.87 million

Number of Long-Term Residents (2010):
 -Korean long-term residents in China: 650.000
 -Chinese long-term residents in the ROK: 610.000

Number of Flights (weekly): 837 (round trip flights)
 -7 cities in the ROK and 33 cities in China

High-Level Exchanges:

From China to the ROK
2000 October Premier of State Council Zhu Rongji
2001 May Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Li Peng
2003 September Chairman of NPC Standing Committee Wu Bangguo
2004 August Chairman of National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Jia Qinglin
2005 November President Hu Jintao
2007 April Premier of State Council Wen Jiabao
2008 August Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi
2008 August President Hu Jintao
2009 December Vice President  Xi Jinping
2010 May Premiers Wen Jiabao  
2010 November President Hu Jintao  
From the ROK to China
2001 June Prime Minister Lee Han-dong
2002 January Speaker of National Assembly Lee Man-sub
2003 July President Roh Moo-hyun
2005 June Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan
2006 January Speaker of National Assembly Kim Won-ki
2006 October President Roh Moo-hyun
2008 May President Lee Myung-bak
2008 September Prime Minister Han Seung-soo
2009 October President Lee Myung-bak
2010 April President Lee Myung-bak
2011 April Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik

Consulate General in Shanghai
Consulate General in Shenyang
Consulate General in Xian
Consulate General in Chengdu
Consulate General in Qingdao
Consulate General in Guangzhou 

Embassy of China