In January of 1986, the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science received authorization from the Ohio Board of Regents to award the Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree, which is a professionally-oriented degree at the baccalaureate level. The Bachelor's Degree in Mortuary Science provides a full collegiate program for students who have met certain prerequisites in two years of attendance (60 semester or 90 quarter hours) at any regionally-accredited college or university and who have completed five academic quarters at CCMS (90 quarter credit hours).

Bachelor of Mortuary Science Degree (BMS)

The States of Ohio and Minnesota require a bachelor's degree for licensure. To obtain the B.M.S. degree, a student may:

1.) Complete two years of general education core requirements (60 semester or 90 quarter credit hours described under Academic Options section) at a regionally accredited college/university, then apply to transfer core credits to CCMS and enter the mortuary science program


2.) Attend any regionally accredited college/university, graduate with a associate’s or bachelor’s degree, then enter/complete the CCMS B.M.S. mortuary science program.

Two years at another college or university 60 sem/90 qtr hours
Five quarters at CCMS 60 sem/90 qtr hours
Total Degree Requirement - BMS 120 sem/180 qtr hours

Please see the curriculum link for information on classes and schedules for the Bachelors of Mortuary Science degree.

(This list is subject to change without notice. Because of the variation in state licensing laws, students must contact their state boards.)

5th Quarter
The 5th Quarter is 11 weeks in length. 4 weeks of the quarter provide a real-world experience in a funeral home chosen by CCMS which is acceptable to the student. During this experience students gain valuable guidance in funeral home management and operation. To enter 5th quarter, the student must graduate from the CCMS 4-quarter mortuary science curriculum at the AAS level with a 2.0 or higher cumulative grade point average.

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