Using Education and Remembrance to Advocate for U.S. and Canadian  
 Victims and Survivors of Mind Control,
 Torture, Slavery, and Related Terror

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True patriots are no longer champions of Democracy, Communism, or anything like that; they are champions of the Human Race - Frederick Buechner, Whistling in the Dark, 1993

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NAFF and several other human rights organizations have chosen to educate the public about covert criminal activities and human rights violations perpetrated by employees and contractors who are, or were, working under the jurisdiction of the U.S. and Canadian governments. Please remember that the majority of government employees, past and present, should not be judged for criminal acts and human rights violations that have been committed by the few.   

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Emergency contacts and resources 


Catholic Charities of East Tennessee, Inc.
Chattanooga Office
Phone 423-267-1297 
Fax 423-265-4923

Advocacy Centerof Hamilton County County
24-hour child abuse hotline: 

Domestic Violence

Focus Adolescent Services: Family Help in Tennessee
(410) 341-4342
(877) 362-8727

The Partnership
for Families,
Children and Adults

Family Violence 
Services Shelter

and Sexual Crisis & Resource Center
24-hour hotline:
(423) 755-2700

Survival Necessities Assistance

Tennessee Dept.
of Human Services

Child and elder abuse
24-hour hotline:
(423) 266-0162


Abuse Consultants
Suicide resource

Child Help USA
24-hour National
Child Abuse Hotline


Cyber Tipline
To report child sexual exploitation
24-hour hotline: 1-800-843-5678

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men
24-hour hotline:
pin # 0757

Friends of Battered Women and Their Children
Counseling and legal
24-hour hotline:

Hot Peach
Pages - USA
State lists of agencies against domestic violence

"Referrals to shelters, mental health services,
sexual abuse
treatment, substance abuse, family counseling,
residential care, adoption/foster care, etc."
24-hour helpline:

National Center
for Missing and
Children (NCMEC)

24-hour hotline

National Center
on Elder Abuse

State Elder Abuse

National Family
Violence Helpline

24-hour hotlines:
National Child
Abuse Hotline

National Domestic
Violence Hotline

1-800-799-7233 or

Victims of elder abuse

National Family
Violence Hotline

24-hour hotlines:
1-800- 221-2681  
1-800- 222-2000

National Runaway/ Adolescent Suicide Hotline
24-hour hotline:

National Suicide Hotline
24-hour hotline:

National Youth
Crisis Hotline

"...for children and
youth who are
abused, suicidal, chemically dependent, depressed over family
or school problems, runaway or
24-hour hotline

Prevent Suicide 
Do you feel you have tried everything, and nothing makes pain go away? Do you feel like your answer is suicide? Then please just take one minute and dial 1-800-SUICIDE 

Rape, Abuse, &
Incest National
Network (RAINN)

24-hour hotline:

SAFE (Self-Abuse
Finally Ends) Alternatives)

Provides Information;
not a crisis number

Stop Abuse for
Everyone (SAFE)

Stop It Now!
Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Helpline 
(office hours only)

Suicide Prevention
24-hour hotlines


Virtual Global Task Force (VGT)
"...made up of police forces from around the world working together to fight online child abuse."



Suicide resources

Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse & Childhood Trauma
Serves Ottawa-Carleton 

Hot Peach
Pages - Canada
Agencies against
domestic violence

Kids' Help Phone
National phone counselling svc. for children and youths
24-hour hotline

Stop Abuse for
Everyone (SAFE)

Telecare Distress
Confidential 24-hour crisis and befriending phone support line:
(905) 459-7777
(Not toll-free)
Email address:

Victims of Violence
For victims of violent crime - Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 233-0052

Virtual Global Task Force (VGT)
"...made up of police forces from around the world working together to fight online child abuse."

Many more helpful contacts are listed on NAFF's Recovery Resources and More Resources  web pages.


Every day around the world, and even here in the United States, children are sold into virtual slavery or traffic for the worst forms of sexual abuse -  President Bill Clinton, U.N. Protocol Orders Signing Ceremony July 5, 2000.

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