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  1. Splice of the night! Cheeseburger!
  2. Sometimes there's a lack of seating, but not imagination... Yes, that's a high-chair...
  3. Chevron three encoded:
  4. Splice of the day: vegan delight! Tofurkey sausage, black olives, daiya cheese!
  5. Dinner deal! Get $1 off your slice when you buy any drink. 4pm-7pm every day!
  6. @connerrrr we sure do!
  7. Good morning! Open 24 hours a day? Why yes, yes we are!
  8. Espresso? In the morning? Yup, we got that!
  9. Splice of the Day: chicken and tomato on pesto.
  10. Espresso! The big menu makes it official:
  11. Splice of the day: Cheeseburger pizza!!
  12. Splice of the Day: Totally Peppered. I love making it and you love eating it. An equitable arrangement...
  13. Splice if the day: Baked Potato Pizza!! Yummers!
  14. Splice of the night: buffalo chicken! Red hot and spicy!
  15. Splice of the day: baked potato pizza!
  16. Do you need a job? Do you have a car? Do you want to deliver pizza for us? Do you know someone who does? Tell us! E-mail
  17. Lunch special: $2 off any slice and drink combo!
  18. Dinner special! Every day from 4pm-7pm. $1 off a slice with any drink!
  19. Splice of the day: the vegan! Tasty tasty! #daiya