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32 min ago  Stephen Changfix lazy.scrbl so it compiles properly master
51 min ago  Stephen Changupdated Lazy Racket to use racket/base
4 hours ago  Matthew Flattfix bug in identifier resolution
4 hours ago  Matthew Flattslightly safer CPP macros
6 hours ago  Casey KleinMakes test work when compilation strips source locations
8 hours ago  Sam Tobin-HochstadtAdd more elements to the list of things that are events.
10 hours ago  Robby Findler- make the planet module resolver thread safe
11 hours ago  Casey KleinDrDr-disables the Redex Check Syntax test module
11 hours ago  Casey KleinTests define-judgment-form and metafunction renaming
11 hours ago  Casey KleinTests metafunction Check Syntax arrows
11 hours ago  Casey KleinTests define-judgment-form's Check Syntax interaction
11 hours ago  Sam Tobin-HochstadtSimplify definition of (legacy) `typed-scheme' language.
11 hours ago  Vincent St... Add ParenFace to the other editors docs.
13 hours ago  Matthew Flattfix bug that affects `free-identifier=?'
14 hours ago  Vincent St... Add precision to sequence-fold's doc.
14 hours ago  Vincent St... Fix handling of impersonated vectors when bounds are...
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12 months ago v5.0.1 Racket v5.0.1
14 months ago v5.0 PLT is happy to announce the releas...
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