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Science & Technology Directorate Business Operations Division


To provide the right people, technology, property, security, and processes to support the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate.


  • Provide customer focused support in the areas of human capital services, information technology services, operations logistical support, physical security baseline and protection of critical information, and ensuring official S&T correspondence is both proper and correct.
  • Develop, implement, and improve effective processes and administrative services that deliver high value solutions to all S&T customers. This includes planning processes/collaboration with S&T Divisions, labs and field offices, training opportunities for S&T staff, and developing additional support services for S&T's labs and field offices.
  • Maintain a lean and agile, world class Business Operations Division (BOD) team and provide S&T with coordinated support solutions from the BOD.
  • Maximize resources through good fiscal stewardship.


Douglas Smith is the Director for the Business Operations Division within the Department's S&T Directorate.


The Business Operations Division has six diverse branches that have a couple of distinct differences. First, each branch provides a unique support service. Second, each branch differs in how it coordinates with the Under Secretary for Management to provide support services to S&T. A description of each office, outlining its functional responsibilities, is listed below:

Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
The S&T Office of the Chief Administrative Officer provides long term mission operations logistical support for S&T.

Key Security Office
The Key Security Office administers, manages, monitors, and supervises the security programs of S&T, and provides management oversight and policy direction to the S&T field activities for the Under Secretary.

Office of the Chief Information Officer
The S&T Office of the Chief Information Officer provides the timely delivery of information technology infrastructure, systems, and services in direct support of the S&T’s research development test and evaluation (RDT&E) mission. 

Human Capital Office
The Human Capital Office oversees the development, implementation, and operation of human capital management policies and programs to provide and maintain the highly qualified workforce necessary to meet S&T's continually changing and expanding mission requirement.

Executive Secretariat Office
Executive Secretariat assists the S&T Under Secretary and Deputy Under Secretary to accomplish his/her roles and responsibilities. The Executive Secretariat serves as a critical communicative instrument between the S&T Directorate and Department components and other S&T customers.

Planning and Management
The Planning and Management Branch provides business, financial, and program management services and support to BOD and throughout the Directorate.


Department of Homeland Security
Science and Technology Directorate
245 Murray Drive
Building 410
Science and Technology
Washington, DC 20528

This page was last reviewed / modified on August 12, 2009.

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