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“American Flag Rugby”, is a coed, non-contact game for children entering grades K-9. Children are invited to join at a very young age and are introduced to the game as they grow. The play features the thrill and openness of the rugby sevens game, the fun of continuous, age appropriate activity, and the re-assurance of the safe, coed, non-contact environment.

The development of the youth game is the most important opportunity facing the US rugby community. Our experience has shown that driving the game down to a very young age as significant benefits. Starting a local program immediately enhances the games profile and respect in the community, bring access to resources that rugby has often found off limits. It gives young players and their parents an early opportunity to decide upon rugby as a primary sport. It creates a large pool of potential participants in the transitional U15 and U19 programs. This in turn feeds the college, club and elite levels of the sport. And in what is possibly the most important benefit, it provides former players, as they move into and through the parenting years, with a path for them to continually participate in and contribute to the game.

It is your hope that this will be embraced as the method for bringing rugby to America’s grade school children, and that the newly established non-profit American Flag Rugby Association become a recognized center of standards and excellence for introducing the thrill and traditions of our great game … the “Little League” of rugby.

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