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Why use Michael Tabban Online Training?

Michael Tabban Personal Training is recognised Australia-wide as a leader in women’s Body Shaping, with over 10 years experience and ongoing success in fat loss & figure shaping. Michael Tabban Online Training was created to give country, interstate and international clients access to this expertise and knowledge.

We cater for women and men of all body types. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, or even take it to the level of competition, Michael Tabban Online Training can help.

Our goal is for you to look great, feel fantastic, and develop a healthy, active, enjoyable lifestyle that you can maintain far into the future.

Online Training includes:

  • Your own qualified Michael Tabban Personal Training online trainer, who will be responsible from writing your programs to guiding you throughout your time with us
  • Programs designed to meet YOUR individual goals
  • Weight training and cardio training programs
  • Nutritional guidance and meal planning
  • Daily, weekly or monthly monitoring, coaching, motivation and support
  • Program updates whenever necessary
  • Next business day response to all emails
  • Advice, education and support so that you can maintain what you've achieved


Jasmin Higgs, your online trainer

About your trainer, Jasmin Higgs

Jasmin manages Michael Tabban Online Training, and also works as a personal trainer at Muscle & Body Shape Gym.

Jasmin's interest in health and fitness began with an addiction to BodyPump and BodyCombat classes. She was inspired to share the results, enjoyment and health benefits of exercise with others. In 2002, Jasmin completed Certificate III in Group Fitness Instruction and Certificate IV in Personal Training. In the same year, she became aware of the sport of bodysculpting, and joined Muscle & Body Shape Gym as a figure competitor. She now trains clients for fat loss, muscle building and body sculpting competition, while competing herself in powerlifting.

Some of Jasmin's clients' successes have include losing over 60kg, winning Figure/Ms Fit Body and Body Building competitions from State to International level, and winning a "Women's Fitness & Health" magazine 12-week challenge.

Jasmin's own competition achievements have included 2003 INBA Victoria Novice Figure - 1st and Overall - 2nd, and 2006 WFF Universe "Fitness" category - 3rd, and more recently, squatting 147.5kg and benching 95kg in powerlifting competition.

Jasmin has extensive experience both as a trainee and trainer in the Shape system. As a trainer she is both supportive and tough, aiming for every client to achieve his or her goals.

Jelica Babic, your online trainer

About your trainer, Jelica Babic

Ever since I first joined a gym way back in 2000, I have had a truly passionate interest in health and fitness. Like most gym goers, I was happy for a while just doing weights and cardio without knowing what it was actually doing for my body. I did lose some weight , but then my weight plateaued and I struggled to get to my goal weight . I hired personal trainers but was never truly satisfied with the results.

Then one day in 2004, I read an article in my local newspaper about Michael Tabban and the girls he had trained for figure competition. This article changed my life!

As well as learning a new way to weight train and do cardio, I learnt about the importance of a healthy way of eating. Within two months of training with Michael and his trainers I’d lost 6kgs! I was hooked – not only had I lost body fat, but the shape of my body had completely changed. I’m actually in better shape now than I was in my teens or twenties. This change inspired an interest in figure competition. I wanted to look like the figure girls on stage. I competed in my first ever figure competition in May 2007 at the NABBA/WFF  Victorian Championships and placed second in the novice category. This was a huge accomplishment for me!

I have now completed my Certificate III in Fitness Instruction and Certificate IV in Personal Training and am looking forward to providing you with the motivation and support in achieving your health and fitness goals .

Jane Tabban, your online trainer

About your trainer, Jane Tabban

Jane’s passion for sport began with the sport of ‘Taekwondo’, the Korean art of Self Defence  With hard work and dedication to her sport Jane has achieved her 2nd Dan Black Belt and her tenacity and passion achieved her over 7 Australian National Titles. Jane has proudly represented Australia in 2 World Championships 1999, 2001, 1 World Cup 1998, 2 Dutch Opens 1997, 1998, and other invitational international events.

In 1998 Jane was selected for the Olympic Athlete Program for the Taekwondo Team for the 2000 Olympics. The program run by the Australian Institute of Sport included a place on the Elite Training Squad and training and education camps at the AIS in Canberra.

During her Taekwondo career Jane enjoyed being an Assistant Instructor to the Junior Athletes at Melbourne Taekwondo Centre, Malvern. Whilst in Canada in 2001, Jane was invited to give Demonstrations and Talks to junior schools in the Alberta province of Canada.

After 10 years in the sport injuries started to take their toll so taking a break from Taekwondo, Jane enlisted the help of Michael Tabban at Muscle & Body Shape Gymnasium to re-condition and strengthen her body.

Competitive by nature Jane new that working towards a competition was a sure way to be challenged and keep her motivation levels high, she set her sights on Competitive Natural Body Building/Sculpting. Incredibly within 6 months Jane was awarded the Ms Victoria Overall and Ms Australia Talls 2002 and within 12 months succeeded in taking the Overall Ms Figure Title in the INBA World All Female Classic 2003.

Following her success Jane decided to focus her energy on others. After completing her Cert III and Cert IV in Personal Training, Jane trained alongside Michael Tabban. Usings the skills of body shaping learned from mMichael, combined with personal experience and knowledge gained from her sporting past, Jane trains and motivates others to reach their dream goals.

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