Hyndland Local History


Edwardian Glasgow Tenement Suburb

By Ann Laird
Hyndland Book Cover

A fully illustrated local history of Hyndland, in Glasgow's West End, covering Hyndland Farm before development at the end of last century, construction of the distinctive red sandstone tenements, the two Churches, the former Railway Station, Hyndland School, Hyndland Bowling Club, the Royal Bank, Trams, shops and other businesses, Hyndland during the last War, and the Conservation Area.

Hyndland: Edwardian Glasgow Tenement Suburb, by Ann Laird, £7.50
Publ. Ann Laird, 1997. 80 pages, with 4-page colour insert. ISBN 0 9531571 0 5

From Bookpoint, 143 Hyndland Road

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