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"I'm a writer.  That's what I do.  Imagine how people behave." -- Philip Padgett, "Milagro"


Celebration Light the Candle, John

SMSR, Dogget POV, set post-Requiem, rated PG for mild language

SMSRA, Scully POV, post-colonization, character death, rated G, Doggett friendly

Exegesis Regret

VMSRA, Mulder POV, set post-Tithonus, rated R for one moment of strong language


Poem, MSR, RST/UST, Mulder POV, set post-all things (?), rated PG for adult situations


Heat Risk

VMSR, UST, RST, Mulder POV, set post-all things (?), rated R for adult situations and language


SMSR, UST with a little RST, Mulder POV, set mid season 7, rated light PG


In Dreams Twilight

XMSRA, set post-Requiem, rated R for adult situations


SMSRA, Scully POV, set years after Mulder's disappearance, rated PG

The Letting Go The Best Laid Plans

SMSRA, set post-Mulder's return,  rated R for adult situations and language


SMSRH, post-baby, rated R for adult situations and language

Cherry Blossom Tears Crown of Thorns and Stars

VMSRA, set post-baby but NOT babyfic, rated PG for adult situations, response to a challenge issued on the IWTB fanfic list, Scully POV


SMSRA, sequel to Cherry Blossom Tears, rated PG-13 for violence and adult situations, Mulder POV

Office Play The Top Ten Mulder List

SMSRSmut, rated NC-17, EXPLICIT--if you are underage, please look elsewhere!  Another response to a challenge from the IWTB list.


VMSRH, rated PG for an illicit reference, written entirely in dialogue, set post-Vienen

Night Baptism  NEW: Full Circle

VA, Mulder/Other, Third-Person POV, MSR (believe it or not), rated strong R for adult content.  Written as pseudonym Ima Believer as a challenge on the IWTB list.


SMSR, UST, post-ep for Never Again, rated PG-13 for language, Mulder POV. A response to a challenge I issued on the IWTB list.

NEW: Par-tay NEW:  You Move

SMSRH, rated R for language and sexual situations, a parody of many IWTB jokes, written for the IWTB Birthday Party Challenge.


VMSRA, rated NC-17 for raw sexual content--if you are underage, please look elsewhere!  Set immediately after Fight the Future, second-person POV, darkness and angst abound




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