The Mixed Relay Competition
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The mixed relay competition

A Mixed Relay team consists of 2 women and 2 men. The two female team members ski a distance of 6 km and the two male team members ski a distance of 7.5 km with 2 bouts of shooting at a distance of 2 and 4 kilometres respectively. Mixed Relay competitions start simultaneously with the first member of each team for the race. The following relay team members start in the handover zone where the arriving competitor has to touch the starting competitor. The race starting order in mixed relay is female, female, male, male.

For the Mixed Relay no random draw is held – instead, the start numbers are based on the sum of the NF’s current Nations Cup Score (men and women together). The team of the leading National Federation gets the start number 1, the second the number 2, and so on. Alternatively, the rules of the relay competition apply.