Large Generation Glass

In industry language, glass sizes advance in what are called generations (Gen). The largest, Gen 10, is a dramatic leap forward in size, with approximately 70 percent more surface area than the previous size, Gen 8.  At 2,880 x 3,130 mm (approximately 9 feet by 10 feet), Gen 10 allows for the efficient production of a range of panel sizes, offering superior economies of scale to display manufacturers.

For instance, while one Gen 8 substrate can produce the panels needed for 18 32-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, Gen 10 can produce 28 32-inch panels, or 15 42-inch panels. Such efficiencies ultimately help make LCD TVs more affordable for consumers.

Corning has been a consistent leader in the growth and development of large-generation glass substrates, and Gen 10 represents a significant milestone in the history of the LCD industry. Producing substrates this large, thin, and flat, while maintaining pristine surface quality, is a major technical achievement.

In a new business model for the LCD industry, Corning’s Gen 10 production facility is located on-site at Sharp Corporation’s state-of-the-art manufacturing complex—Sharp Green Front Sakai—in Sakai City, Japan. The advanced facility eliminates the need for traditional packaging, shipping, and delivery methods.

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