3D TV Technology

The era of 3D TV is upon us. As movie studios, sports networks, and live concert venues realize the potential of 3D programming, more content is becoming available, driving consumer demand for sets.

LCD technology is the dominant platform for 3D television, based on inherent advantages such as high brightness, fast response time, LED backlighting, and polarization control.  These features make LCD more versatile for viewing 3D content with, or even without, special glasses.

As the industry leader in LCD glass, Corning is ready for the 3D revolution. The dimensional stability and pristine surface quality of our large-size glass substrates enable higher resolution displays, and the thinness of our glass substrates enables the alignment of optical layers for better 3D images—proving once more that at Corning, there is always more behind the glass.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass an optical clarity that helps deliver on the promise of high-definition and 3D TV. Learn more.