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Anna, Home-Grown-Terror, Sonia's Health And Other Stories
The Congress, with luck, must have its leader, Sonia Gandhi, back soon or, in the alternative, find some way to keep together the flock which has grown accustomed to the apotheosis of a family.
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China Weekly Report
China's Role as a Responsible Player in the Debt Crisis in Europe
August 22, 2011
Vol I, Issue 33
The critique that China is not a responsible player in the international system is not new. China's human rights records, its goods flooding markets across the world, its 'dumping' of goods, its boundary disputes along with its growing military activities, etc
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Anna Hazare - Gandhi: Is the comparison right?
20 August 2011
Mitu Sengupta
Gandhiji would surely condemn the corruption that plagues India today. But unlike Anna Hazare, he would steer us towards the more preliminary question of, how did we get here?
The Killing fields of Karachi
19 August 2011
Sripathi Narayanan
Karachi, on an average, witnesses close to 800 killings per year, mainly the result of ethnic/political violence. This year, the city has been extremely violent. More than 800 people have lost their lives till the first week of August.
Nepal again in political crisis
19 August 2011
Akanshya Shah
As the largest party in the Nepal Constituent Assembly, it is the responsibility of the Maoist party to furnish a clear roadmap for the peace process, acceptable to all the political players. And much of the onus lies on Prachanda.
Lopsided development threatens China
18 August 2011
Sriparna Pathak
Balanced urbanisation and rural development is an urgent requirement in China, if it has to fulfill its goals of sustainable development. For this purpose, budgetary allocations and farmers' support have to be tweaked, along with agricultural modernisation.
Karachi: Reading between the lines
17 August 2011
Avinash Paliwal
The ongoing political oscillation in Karachi reflects structural impediments that a country with a weak state and strong society has to face. It underlines the problems that politicians face due to strong kinship.
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Energy News Monitor
Indian Oil Payments to Iran- Now the Turkish Delight
19 August 2011
Vol VIII, Issue 9
Going by these reports, there seems to be a calculated attempt to cover the arrangement under a cloud of secrecy. In the normal course, one would have expected a circular from the RBI to authorized dealers detailing the payment arrangements to be adopted by them.
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Africa Weekly Report
Ultimatum to foreign firms in Zimbabwe
19 August, 2011
Vol I, Issue 28
Eritrea is facing further international sanctions from the Union Nations, after a report accused the country of working to destabilise the Horn of Africa region. It is accused of financing armed groups in Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti.
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Issue Brief
Urbanisation in China: Challenges and the Way Ahead
16 August 2011
Sriparna Pathak
Issue No. 31
Urbanisation in China is taking place at an unprecedented level and is set to continue over the next decade. This is likely to present many challenges not just for policy makers but for the economy and society as well.
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Pakistan Urdu Media Watch
US Diplomats must obey law: General Kayani
August 13, 2010
Shahid Raheem
Vol II, Issue XL
Pakistan chief of Army staff General Ashfaq Kayani said that the US diplomatic community in Pakistan will have to obey local laws as any other diplomats would.
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South Asia Weekly Report
India: Parliament under pressure - to work
6 August 2011 - 12 August 2011
Satish Misra
Vol IV, Issue 32
The monsoon session of Parliament began on Monday August 1, 2011. The eigth session of the 15th Lok Sabha (Lower House) and the 223rd session of Rajya Sabha (Upper House) are expected to produce more legislative business.
Country Reports: 
India | Nepal | Pakistan | Sri Lanka | Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Bhutan | Maldives
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Ambassador presents top Japanese Award to Prof. Kesavan
On behlaf of the Emperor of Japan, Japanese Ambassador Akitaka Saiki presented the decoration, The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, to Dr. K.V. Kesavan, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of Japanese studies and the promotion of the understanding of Japan in India.

Manish Tewari introduces Bill on Intelligence Agencies Reforms
5 August 2011
Mr. Manish Tewari today introduced a Bill in the Lok Sabha to regulate the functioning and use of power by the Indian intelligence agencies within and outside India and to provide for the coordination, control and oversight of such agencies.
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ORF Working Paper Series
Indian Handicraft and Handloom Workers
Life and Working Conditions in Villages
- A Brief Survey

20 July 2011
Jayshree Sengupta
Indian handicrafts, traditionally made by rural artisans, radiate a certain charm of their own that has been long admired the world over for the brilliant mix of colours and exquisite craftsmanship. Rural units, or cottage industries, account for 78.2 per cent of all handicrafts produced in the country.
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ORF Discourse
The Arab Spring & India: Promises and Challenges
20 July 2011
Saeed Naqvi
Saeed Naqvi, Distinguished Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, traveled to Bahrain, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Baghdad, Najaf, Amman, Cairo, Jerusalem and Ramallah after the Arab Spring broke out. Earlier, he visited Tunisia, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Western Sahara and Libya.
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Annual Report
Annual Report 2010
April 2011
ORF is an endeavour to aid and influence formulation of policies for building a strong and prosperous India. The expectations of the global community from India are immense as the country is poised to play a leading role in the knowledge age. The Foundation believes that in the next 25 years India will be one of the world's great economic powers and contribute to a significant transformation in the quality of life of humanity.
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India-Pak Dialogue: missing the woods for the trees
29 July 2011
Wilson John
The just-concluded round of India-Pakistan dialogue (July 27) was an opportunity for both the countries to articulate their positions on two critical challenges facing the region, terrorism and Afghanistan.
Indo-Pak water issues: room for cooperation?
26 July 2011
Tridivesh Singh Maini
In a recent interview, former Punjab chief minister and current Tamil Nadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala said India's move to export wheat seeds to Pakistan in 1978
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Shaping The Mind of The Oslo Killer
29 July 2011
Saeed Naqvi
Oslo killer Anders Breivik is the creature of the Murdoch press which has throttled the Murrows of this world. His mind set would synchronize perfectly with Bill O'Reilly's the famous anchor of Fox News.
mocracy in Refuge: A Tibet without the Dalai Lama
22 July 2011
Rana Divyank Chaudhary
The Indian leadership has been able to earn a lot of goodwill by sheltering the Dalai Lama and his people,
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Fai's ISI connections: Few implications
01 August 2011
Sripathi Narayanan
The activities of Ghulam Nabi Fai of the Kashmiri American Council, which became public after his arrest,
De-Radicalisation Programme in Swat: An assessment
27 July 2011
Katie Trim
Despite the positive connotations of a de-radicalisation initiative in Pakistan's Swat, lead by Pakistan's army, the relationship between the military and terrorist groups still remains unclear.
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Why Is India Shy of Playing Geo-strategic Games?
27 July 2011
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Indian decision-makers appear to live in splendid isolation and do not recognise the importance of meetings like the Pacific Army Chiefs Conference.
US-India Strategic Dialogue: Lack of Vision in Space
20 July 2011
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
The US-India Strategic Dialogue appears to have produced no big ideas for carrying forward the relationship. Both countries need to be more innovative and visionary,
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