June 30th, 2008

Please Stand Back

Rating 4.00 out of 5

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Whew, lots of work into this one.
On Saturday I had no motivation at all to draw a comic, after that huge 8 panel-er so I just dossed around, watched some films and played some games so this one was drawn on Sunday.

I really liked the effect for the Tesla cannon firing, it was surprisingly easy to do, and I think it looks nice. You might think other wise, but I hope not.

This comic did suffer slightly because I had time allotted for 3 comics in the Church mini-arc, so I can do a 4th of July comic, and I had a lot of trouble trying to figure this one’s punchline. The first idea I had was that Smic would be chased out of the church as a witch, but that took too many panels. Then I had the idea of doing 2 comics, one where the 5 second rule would be a punchline, and another when Third is asked to leave. But the second comic didn’t have enough content. I then had this idea. I don’t think it’s all that funny, but there you go. It works. I guess….

It is of course nonsense that you could bring someone back to life with a Tesla cannon. A tesla cannon, if one were built, would only attract metal, at very high powers. If you fired it at someone it’d just do nothing, or at the worst, pull the iron right out of their blood. It would not resurrect them. However, it is true that each cell in the human body dies long after we ‘die’, usually about 24 hours. If you fixed whatever problem it is, eg restarting their heart or clearing the blood out of their brain from a stroke, you could bring them back. But we probably wont see it in our lifetime.

Hannah is the last of the main characters to return after rebirth of J&C in March. Let’s all have a big round of applause for Hannah. I really enjoy drawing Hannah, I like her design a lot. She also has more hair than you can possible imagine.


  1. Aflowerchild

    I’m sure you’d like more comments over here so I’ll copy my comments from DeviantArt:

    “Very nice. All the characters are drawn very nicely in this one, especially Crusader and Hannah. Hannah’s pose in the 3rd panel looks like it could have been drawn awkwardly, but you’ve made it look natural.

    I like the effects in the 4th panel too, and the intense shadows really makes the tesla cannon seem powerful rather than just a pretty torch.

    The church background’s very nice as well, I think it’d be nice if you could keep using a wide selection of backgrounds (as some comics seem to happen all in one place) although I can imagine it’s a lot of effort to put into something which might only be used once or twice.”

  2. Luke

    I love these comics even if I am a bit biased with the knowing of the writer and having a character based on me, it’s all good =]

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