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Behind the Wheel | 2012 Mercedes-Benz Cls550 and Audi A7

Beauty Contestants With Curves, Talent and German Accents

SUPERCHARGED The 2012 Audi A7 is powered by a 310-horsepower V-6.

SUPERCHARGED The 2012 Audi A7 is powered by a 310-horsepower V-6.

Two new sedans are going head to pretty head in a battle for luxury buyers: the Audi A7, with a supercharged V-6, and a redesigned Mercedes CLS550, powered by a twin-turbo V-8.

Benz’s Biturbo V-8s: Red-Hot and Greener

Automakers have been criticized for obsessing over power at the expense of fuel economy, but Mercedes “Biturbo” engines deliver better mileage than the V-8s they replace and offer more horsepower.

Around the Block

Some Porsche Purists Like It Hot, and They’re Sweating to Prove It

The Cayman R is all about performance, and to help provide it, the car has shed weight. To make it even lighter, buyers can do without air-conditioning or a radio.


Baltimore Fixes Its Streets for 175 M.P.H. Speed Limit

Baltimore is holding an IndyCar race on its downtown streets over Labor Day weekend and to prepare the course, a12-turn track had to be mapped out and the roads repaved.

Formula One Set for Austin in Fall 2012

The last Formula One race in the United States was in Indianapolis in 2007, but it may return in 2012, this time to Austin, Tex.

Classics Week in California
The Testa Rossa on Saturday, after breaking the record for a car sold at public auction.
Courtesy of Gooding & Company

The Testa Rossa on Saturday, after breaking the record for a car sold at public auction.

The prototype, consigned by Gooding, generated a $14.9 million winning bid, or $16.4 million after fees, beating the previous record of $12.9 million.

1928 Coventry Eagle, Rival of the Brough Superior, Sells for $265,000 at Pebble Beach

This example, manufactured near what became Jaguar's hometown, was one of only a handful of overhead-valve Flying-8s known to survive worldwide.

Cadillac Ciel Concept: A Hybrid Flagship Docks at Pebble Beach

The concept for a range-topping hybrid convertible generates 425 horsepower from a 3.6-liter V-6, supplemented by an electric motor that enables gasoline-free driving at low speed.

Beneath an Expressway, a Celebration of Rust and Grease Shines Up (Just a Touch)

Glinting lowriders and art cars joined the core retro rodders at the Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills car show, a rite of summer in New York.

Ford-Toyota Partnership: Hybrid Market Leaders Double Up

The brands announced they would jointly develop a hybrid powertrain for use on rear-wheel-drive light trucks and S.U.V.'s.

On Woodward Dream Cruise, a Quest for the Wonderful and Wonderfully Odd

The annual Woodward Dream Cruise in suburban Detroit attracts pristine muscle cars and hot rods. It also attracts machines that defy easy categorization.

Volkswagen Up, a 3-Cylinder City Car, Is Heading to Production

The car, which was first previewed in concept form in 2007, will burn gasoline initially, but will receive an electric powertrain in 2013, the automaker said.

Citing a Lack of Usage, Costco Removes E.V. Chargers

The retailer opted not to have the chargers, many of which were outdated, replaced for free under a program in California, saying that customers rarely, if ever, used them.

Chevrolet Small-Block V-8: the Little Engine That Still Can

General Motors expects the 100 millionth example to be built this year.

When an Android Phone Becomes a GPS Device

There are advantages either way, but if you already own the phone, the navigation application is free.

City Room

Higher Bridge, Tunnel and PATH Rates Approved

A steep toll increase on the bridges and tunnels that cross the Hudson River will be phased in starting next month.

Claudio Castiglioni, Motorbike Executive, Dies at 64

Mr. Castiglioni transformed a family metalworking business into the world’s fifth largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Battle of the Swoopy Sedans

The Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS550 both deliver in terms of looks and performance. But one gives a little more.

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