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Communiqué de presse du Groupe socialistes & démocrates : “Mubarak must resign” says Schulz !

3 février 2011


The leader of the main progressive group in the European Parliament today called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to resign.

Martin Schulz called on the EU to mobilise resources for reform across the Arab world. He said: “The cries for reform that now ring across the Middle East must be heard and acted upon. Governments in the region and the international community must respond and deliver the reforms that are needed.

“President Mubarak must go. He should lead a wave of resignations in repressive regimes across the region.

“I welcome the Egyptian army’s assurances that it will not open fire on its own people. I also welcome the EU Council’s declaration of commitment to Egypt’s transformation. We need to support political, economic and social reforms in every way we can.

As massive crowds marched in Egypt and King Abdullah of Jordan sacked his government, demanding reforms, Mr Schulz paid tribute to the demonstrators. “The latest images of peaceful protesters at prayer in the heart of Cairo are remarkable. The people of Egypt have shown great determination and courage in their protests for democratic reform.

“Western leaders should be more enthusiastic about this craving for freedom and democracy. Let us not repeat the mistakes made when the Iron Curtain came down. Let us not act like foreign affairs technocrats. But let us be joyful in supporting the ambitions of these peaceful demonstrators.”

Mr Schulz stressed Egypt’s importance as a key partner of the EU in the Arab world. He said: “We should not miss this opportunity to contribute to the emergence of a strong and democratic Egypt by encouraging and supporting the renewal of the country.”

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