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News Archive for January 2002

"Beta Of New DM Map By TeamK9"
  posted January 31 - 4:03AM EST by Mr.Damage
Creamator(k9) has sent over a beta of a new DM map by TeamK9 called K9undergroundbeta. Its a medium sized map, set in an underground complex, with a recommended player load of 3-16. You can grab it from here and you can visit the TeamK9 website here.

"Sandstorm Releases Final Version Of Cooltown Map"
  posted January 31 - 3:46AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has fixed some bugs and released the final version of his Cooltown map. He has fixed some compiling errors and added more ammo and health. There are now 20 spawnpoints and he has added an adrenaline and fixed a few other minor issues with the map. You can grab it from the maps section of our download area here.

"Monkey Mod Files"
  posted January 30 - 7:37AM EST by Mr.Damage
Someone sent along all the client files for the Monkey Mod (thnx) so I thought it would be timely to mention that we keep the latest 2 versions of both the server and client files in the Monkeymod folder of the mods directory at our Download Area. There are both Windows and Linux server files. You can check out the complete mods section, which should hold the latest versions of just about every mod, by clicking here.

"TiCaL Releases V1.1 of MDX Viewer"
  posted January 30 - 7:29AM EST by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has released a new version of his MDX Viewer program. The viewer is a small, easy and free viewer for anybody who likes to view/convert models from Kingpin game based on quake engine.
I asked him what the new features are:-
ok with this program u can open any mdx file...view it...take screenshots of it...make avi files out of the animations....save mdx models as md2 files...umm there is more...read the readme.txt for rest..these are the main ones
You can grab it from here.
There is a detailed description of the viewer at a page TiCaL has setup. You can view that page by clicking here.

"Power Mod Almost Ready"
  posted January 30 - 4:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
Greyfoxx is a pretty happy man at the moment as it looks like the Power mod is almost good to go. From the man himself:-
just need to convert hod map, and add aniti cheat , and finish skins, and then thats it heheh
There is more in depth information about the current status, who has come on board to help with skins, sounds etc and a heap of screenshots of some of the Power maps - check out TooMuchPower ;)
Head on over and check out the Power Mod Webpage. There are contact details for Greyfoxx there if you would like the privilege of being a beta tester for the mod :)

"New Custom Weapon Sounds For CRASH Squad"
  posted January 30 - 4:18AM EST by Mr.Damage
JKL-Micketh has sent a custom weapon sounds pack for the relaunched CRASH Mod. When you run the .exe file it lists that it has new sounds for the UZI, MP5, HE grenade, Desert Eagle, and AWP, but it also seems to have more new sounds not listed :)
These sounds are taken from other games and custom packs. You can grab the pack from the CRASH folder in our Mods download section here.

In other CRASH news it looks like they have a new website which you can visit by clicking here and the new team is coming together. Expect some new screenshots there soon.

"Best Of 2001 MapPack And Weekend"
  posted January 29 - 3:14PM EST by Mr.Damage
I have put together a mappack of some of my favourite maps from 2001. It was a hard choice but I finally decided on 20 maps. The maps I have included are listed here.

You can grab the mappack which is in the mrdamage folder in the custom maps section of our downloads area by clicking here. It is a 20meg download so I have also uploaded it in 4 smaller zip files for people on slower connections. You can grab those from here.

Now, several servers will be running these maps on the upcoming weekend so I hope you can all come along for a few games and have some fun :)
The servers that are involved so far are:-

Wireplay Kingpin - Hitmen
Wireplay Kingpin - Mr Damage's Custom Gangbang

[FnR] Fraggin Rockers Wolfflow MOD v3.35a w/bots
{NeW}EAST!www.new.home-page.org Fnlou's DM Server!

Captain Deaths Custom Maps Server (IP details to come)

If you run a server and would also like to be involved just drop us an email here and I'll add your server to the list :)

Anyway make sure you drop in for a few games and bring your friends :D

"Screenshots Of New Mp By Cujo"
  posted January 29 - 2:47PM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has converted another map from HalfLife. This one is called DM_Storagedump and is a large warehouse complex with both indoors and outdoors fighting areas. Cujo converted it and then he sent it to me for some fixing/tweaking. I have been working on in for a few weeks. I did some testing with Hypo_v8 last night and found a few minor things that still need fixing. Hopefully it wil be ready for release next week.

"CRASH Squad Update"
  posted January 28 - 1:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
Thanks to Dildo there is now a CRASH Squad server back up - SOCALI CRASH MOD v3c
In other CRASH news their forum is now up and running at the CRASH Squad Official Website so head on over and post your thoughts/comments/support etc :)

If you are interested in joining the reborn CRASH team then there are contact details at the CRASH site.

"File Submission FTP Server Update"
  posted January 28 - 1:19AM EST by Mr.Damage
Well we havent exactly had a rush of people sending us their Kingpin files via our File Submission FTP Server. So far Propane has sent along all of his maps. All the ones that werent already in the download section have been added. Mostly Bagman maps and a couple of DM Maps. Now he also sent along a few amusing screenshots which you can view by clicking here.

The only other submission at this stage has been a Crash Mod screenshot.
If you have KP related files you want to get to us you can either use the Submit News link or use the FTP Uploads FTP Server.
Here are the details again:-
Here are the FTP details:
1) Host Address: downloads.kingpinforever.com
2) User Name: uploads
3) Password: uploads

"Map submissions"
  posted January 26 - 2:20PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Ready to release a map, or need a beta map released for testing??

  1. Please include a README.TXT information file in your .zip package.
  2. Please use (K9)'s map packager utility to make your zips... it guarantees all the right files are included!
  3. Download a sample readme.txt information file
  4. Download the Map Packing Utility - it is a life and timesaver!
Once your map is packed, send the file to us via our FTP site, see previous news release on the login/ids along with submission guidelines.

"EVA and DragonLord models"
  posted January 26 - 11:30AM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
HEXED[A.D.] has released a nice Quake2 converted model called DragonLord, while Sylacs has created EVA, a mech-like warrior. Both models are fully animated and include VWeap support. They seem to flow nicely in the game, and we had a hell of a time having dragon mounted warriors versus mechanical warriors battles this morning.

Grab them from our monster downloads section: DragonLord and EVA-MechWarrior.

Both models have also been approved by [BC]'s SKIN CHECK system (since they are 100% VWEAP'd and die properly) and they are both now active in the system.

"Skinner Found For Power Mod"
  posted January 25 - 9:36PM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC} has let me know that his good buddy Garcia[FnR] is going to help Greyfoxx with the skins for the Power Mod :)
Keep up to date with progress of Power by visiting the new PowerMod Website.

"CRASH Squad Mod Coming Back"
  posted January 25 - 9:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
EyEz (aka [StEaLtHEyEz) is putting together a team to bring back the CRASH Squad mod. If you are interested in being a part of this new team then you can contact him via ICQ - 72283478.
It really depends on if you all want it to happen. If there is a demand they will continue the mod. I hope there is :)
If you would like to help them out by running a server plz let them know.
You can offer encouragement and support by visiting their new website CRASH Squad Official Website.

"Bloodmoney Beta 4 Released"
  posted January 25 - 9:10PM EST by Mr.Damage
The guys over at Kingpin Universe have released Beta 4 of the Bloodmoney mod:-
We At KPU have released bloodmoney 4.0 its an update to 3.0b mostly just little fixes and a few improvements on the server side added a few new features like a new teleport model (Not Going To tell ya you have to see for yourself :) )
Thanks {GT}Freak
Its a big download so there is two versions, one with the flash intro and a smaller one without. You can grab either by visiting their website Kingpin Universe.
If you scroll down to the bottom of the front page you will see a full list of features for beta 4.

"Executioner model released"
  posted January 24 - 11:43PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
HEXED[A.D.] has released a new fully animated/VWeaped model called Executioner. The model package currently contains about 6 full skin sets, which were created by DirtyDog{WC}, to give a little variety. We abused him quite a bit tonight on our servers.

Grab it from our Downloads Site. The model has also been approved by [BC]'s SKIN CHECK system (since it is 100% VWEAP'd and dies properly) and is already active in the system.

Additionally [GT]Sylacs recently released male Caleb model has been approved and added to [BC]'s SKIN CHECK also.

"Wireplay is coming back"
  posted January 24 - 9:58PM EST by Mayhem
jjaf.de has informed us the Wireplay network is coming back. They are apparently having beta tests to bring their gaming network back up.. sign up now at http://www.wireplay.co.uk/

"Power Mod News"
  posted January 24 - 4:54AM EST by Mr.Damage
Greyfoxx has made some major updates over at the Power Mod Website and it looks like there are more to come. One of the updates mentions that he can not find anyone to make some skins for the mod and that is very disappointing :(

Anyways there is a heap of news there so go take a look and if you can make skins then lend a hand eh?

"ActionKingpin:StreetWars Update"
  posted January 24 - 4:48AM EST by Mr.Damage
TnT_Trash has been coding away on the ActionKp mod and things are looking good:-
Have corrected / cleaned out quake stuff. looking at new weapons now. debating menu-able commands. Currently, I think not. This might go hot and Heavy in February 2002.
Keep up to date on developements by visiting the Street Wars page over at DarkWolf Development. If you have any questions or suggestions for this mod or for Wolfflow or Hitmen then make sure you visit his forums.

"KP2 Mod Article At Jolt Online Gaming"
  posted January 24 - 4:39AM EST by Mr.Damage
There is an great interview conducted by DaFly with NewFnlou about the KP2 mod over at Jolt Online Gaming. Jolt is a large UK based gaming network.
It is a very in-depth interview with discusses all aspects of the upcoming mod and includes some nice pics of some of the weapons and maps.
I recommend everyone goes and reads it and if you are in the UK or Europe maybe you can post in their forums or email them about putting up a KP2 mod server when it is released :)
Keep up to date with KP2 happenings by visiting the KP2 Mod forum here.

"New File Submission FTP Server"
  posted January 24 - 4:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
Truzenzuzex[BC] has set up a new FTP Server where you can submit your Kingpin files to our network. When you submit files we will check them out, and then more than likely add them to our downloads section. Please include a readme with some details of the files you are uploading, and send the same information to news@kingpinforever.com.

NOTE: When you use the new uploads server you will be able make directories and upload your files but you won't be able to delete, or read any files.

Here are the FTP details:
1) Host Address: downloads.kingpinforever.com
2) User Name: uploads
3) Password: uploads

If you don't have an FTP program you can download a trial version of BulletProofFTP from here and there are several others programs freely available on the net. So if you have some Kingpin files you would like us to host then get to it and start uploading :)

"Kingpin Bots"
  posted January 23 - 7:33AM EST by Mr.Damage
Just a reminder about the bots that are available for Kingpin. If you want to play DM, Last Man Standing or TeamDM offline then bots is the way to go :)
There are Kraze bots and Coldnight bots and launchers for both of them.
You can set skill level, accuracy, weapon of choice, dm flags, model, skin etc, etc.
You can grab either the Kraze bot or Coldnight bot and the bot launcher from here.
For more info on the Kraze bot including a complete list of features and an FAQ visit the Kraze Bot Website

"More New Skins"
  posted January 23 - 4:13AM EST by Mr.Damage
DirtyDog{WC{} has sent along some new skins. These include all the {WC} clan skins for thug, rubnt, bitch, alien, drfreak, babyboom and homer models. You can grab those skins from here.
He has also sent along a great new skin for the thug model. Its a superman skin called the new blue superman and is apparently from supermans blue period. Anyway you can grab this skin from here.

"Sandstorm Releases Beta Of New Map"
  posted January 23 - 3:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has released a beta of his new DM map House of the Retard Man (a fellow !OFF! clan member). Its a map set indoors and is a little like the RTCS map he just released. He included some ideas that didnt fit in the RTCS map. Its a nice looking map which you can grab from here or from his website Sandstorm's Filez.
Its a beta so any feedback you have can be emailed to Sandstorm here.

Retard Man also made a nice map a while ago called One Alley. You can see some screenshots and download the map from here and you can visit the !OFF! clan website here.

"New RTCW Texture Pack"
  posted January 22 - 4:07AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo has put together a small RTCW texture pack for Kingpin mappers. The pack contains gates, fences, spider webs, plants etc. You can grab it from here.

"Screenshots Of Sandstorm's New Map"
  posted January 22 - 3:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has posted some screenshots of his new DM map. It looks to be a similar style to his just released Return to Castle Scarecrow. You can check them out here.

"Sylacs releases Caleb model"
  posted January 21 - 11:53PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
[GT]Sylacs has released a very nice looking model called Caleb, from the classic Blood game by Monolith. Looks great! Click on the screenshot to see a larger sample:

And you can download the model from our downloads section.

Don't forget to drop by [GT]Sylacs home page and see what else he is working on over at http://www.sylacs.com.

"KP2 Mod Weapon Shots"
  posted January 21 - 4:34AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sylacs has posted some screenshots of the new weapons for the KP2 mod. You can view them by visiting the KP2 Mod Forum. Ok here is a little sample :)

Now go and check out the rest.

"Screenshots Of New Map By TeamK9 "
  posted January 21 - 4:28AM EST by Mr.Damage
{K9}Creamator is currently working on a small to medium sized map which is called K9underground. It has that familiar TeamK9 map feel to it :)
You can check out some screenshots here. You can check out all their maps as well as skins and other Kingpin add-ons by visiting their website Team K9.

"Screenshots Of Cujos New Map"
  posted January 21 - 4:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
Cujo is working on another remake of the classic Armagon map made by copilot. The new version is called Armagon2000. Cujo says he has fixed and added more spawn points, more weapons and health, new textures and lighting, lowered r_speeds, and the part that sounds really interesting - he has added two wall lasers :)
Hopefully he will be releasing it soon.

"Some Good News"
  posted January 20 - 12:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
In the current edition of the Kingpin friendly Aussie PC games mag, PC Powerplay they have a half page review of Chief SohCahToa and Hogies Assault mod. They have also included the Assualt files on the cover CD. This is the 3rd time they have included KP files on the cover CD. The current issue is February 2002 #70 and the prevoous issues with KP files included are December 2000 #55 (10 meg of files) and February 2001 #57 (32 meg of files).
So all you Aussie KP players get down to your newsagent and either buy it or have a look at page 104 of the mag. I am subscribed to this mag but it hasnt turned up yet (or some bludger has stolen it from my leterbox ggrr) so I had a quick read of the article in the shop this morning :) Now I only checked out the Assault article but since then I have also been told that there is an article on the Power mod as well but I will need to confirm that tomorrow.
Update 22/01 Yes, there is also a very good article on the Power mod which can be seen on page 105.

"Handy File for KPRAD"
  posted January 20 - 12:21AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hypo_v8 has sent along a very small file that allows you to compile in kprad no matter what directory you have KP installed on your PC.
Just load the file to your KPRAD dir and then make sure prefrences (p) are targeted to kingpin.exe then load project from FILE menu. Thats it.
You can grab the file (kingpin_fix5.zip) from here.

"New Skins"
  posted January 20 - 12:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Linear aka Area has sent along his personal skin and I have also uploaded the skins for TeamK9 and the [FnR] skins to the clan section of our skins download area. {SWB}Lesi has also made a nice SWB clan skin for TiCaL's Earthworm Jim model. You may as well grab them so you can see what all these ppl's skins really look like in game :)
You can grab Linear's Area skin here, TeamK9's skins here, the SWB Earthworm Jim skin here, and the {FnR] skins here.

"New Bagman Map By CyboPat"
  posted January 19 - 10:15PM EST by Mr.Damage
Our good friend from the Czech Republic CyboPat has released a new Bagman map called Bunkerwar. It's a medium sized Bagman map set in a bunker style complex. You can see a heap of screenshots here. You can download it from here or in .rar format from the Kingpin's Funky Gangstas Website.

"Kingpin2 Forum"
  posted January 19 - 9:52PM EST by Mr.Damage
Well as you can imagine since the announcement by {GT}Ghost about his plans to create Kingpin2 it has created a lot of interest and discussion.
There is actually two Kingpin2 forums that the guys have set up over at Kingpin University. One is Kingpin2 Q & A and the other one is Kingpin2 suggestions. So if you have questions or suggestions what better place to go that those forums :)
Here is a direct link to the Q & A Forum and the Suggestions Forum.

There are several other forums at KP University too covering their other mods, mapping, skinning etc so go check them out as well.

"Great Kingpin Website"
  posted January 19 - 9:38PM EST by Mr.Damage
Have you guys checked out the Team[A.D.] website made by Hexed[A.D.]?
It's a great site with a heap of cool things for Kingpin.

He has many KP custom models available for downlaod including two brand new models made by him :)
One is a female model called Deadlock. This one is converted from the Q2 Sydney model. You can see a review of the original here.
The other one is a male model and is a bloody, crazy looking surgeon called DrDeath. I think also a Q2 conversion.

There is a guide on how to tweak your gforce2 and gforce3 cards. Its very detailed and fully explained and everything you need to tweak your card is linked to from the page.
He has also included the Kingpin Autoexec creator which is a very handy tool for setting optimize performance and visual quality.

Don't leave without checking out ther flash movies especially streetlife, it is excellent.

You can visit the Team[A.D.] site here

"Sanstorm Releases Final Version Of RTCS Map"
  posted January 19 - 8:32PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has now released the final version of his DM map Return to Castle Scarecrow. If you played the beta you know that it is a map with a similar style to KPDM5. Its already rotating on several servers.
You can grab it from here or from Sandstorm's website Sandstorm's Filez.

"Interesting chatter..."
  posted January 19 - 5:03PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
For those interested in rumors, chit-chat, or just a good'ole flame war take a look at these forums:

  1. Domain name chatter #2
  2. How PV died
  3. Main domain name chatter

Have fun!

"Skins Sub-dir activated"
  posted January 17 - 10:52PM EST by Mayhem
Truzenzuzex[BC] just activated the skins sub-dir everything from the old 3ddownloads (skins) is up there... There are Thug, Runt and Bitch skins and even a ton for custom models. You can download the skins here http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/skins/ Check it out!!!

"Thug "monster pack" file updated and released"
  posted January 17 - 9:29PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Way back in the old days... August 2000, I released a huge zip package containing every known "Thug" skin to date. A lot has happened since then and I spent quite a bit of time this week updating the package, and doing my best to ensure no corrupt skins snuck into the zip this round. (Tech Tip: I batch converted every *.tga file to *.bmp, and then back to .tga again, discarding the handful of corrupt files i had)

Without further bandwidth waste, I present: "THUG SKINS - THE MONSTER PACK TO END ALL MONSTER PACKS" ; 3293 skin pieces, approximately 256meg uncompressed, Delivered to you in 11 files, 9megs per file chunk. If you somehow still have thug skins we do not have in this collection please hop over to [BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass! and use their Skin Check System system to verify, and then submit your skin for future Thug pack updates.

Let the chaos begin: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11. Whew!! That is 96meg total!

The contents (listing every filename) can be viewed in this readme text file.

"New Kingpin2 Project"
  posted January 16 - 7:25AM EST by Mr.Damage
Now that the Quake2 source has been released {GT}Ghost is putting a team together to create Kigpin2:Crime Continues. This is not to be confused with Cashmoney's KP2 mod which you can read about here.
This is a project to build Kingpin2 of which Ghost says they will be adding a heap of new stuff and new technologies.
They have just gotten underway and are currently putting a team together. So far the coders are TnT Trash, {Gt}freak, {Gt}ghost, and Rat Instinct from Atrophy has also said he will help :)
It also looks like a number of other ppl will be involved with such things as model development etc.
Kingpin2 is a long way off from being released and the initial betas will focus on multiplayer but they do have plans to incorporate single player as well.

If this all comes together it would be great for the KP community. Its a long way off completion at the moment though so lets just monitor the progress for a while. We will keep you posted on the latest news here and you can visit their site at PlanetKingpin2.

Btw, you can expect a release of Beta 4.0 of the Bloodmoney mod in the next day or so. I'll post details as they come to hand.

"Screenshots of House of Death2"
  posted January 16 - 5:06AM EST by Mr.Damage
Sonik sent along some screenshots of the first two levels of his upcoming Single Player map pack called House of Death2. If you played HoD1 then you know how good this one is going to be. If you havent played HoD1 yet then you can download it from here.

"RUST Kingpin Mapping Forum"
  posted January 16 - 4:56AM EST by Mr.Damage
Are you new to Kingpin mapping and have a heap of questions or have been thinking of giving it a go? Are you an experienced mapper and would like to pimp your work and help these new mappers? Well you should go check out the Kingpin mapping forum over at RUST. Its a good place for all Kingpin mappers with both questions and answers.
And if you check out this forum post here
you will see some screenshots of a new map by one of my favourite Kingpin mappers - Bits. Yup Bits is back and doing a 'bit' of mapping again :)
You may remember some of his earlier maps such as junglerock, moonwalk, and shadowpalace to name just a few. You can check out all of his maps over at Maps By Bits.

Another good thing about RUST is that you can submit screenshots of your maps and they will be posted as Pic of the Day :)

"Game File Explorer"
  posted January 16 - 3:38AM EST by Mr.Damage
If you are a mapper for Kingpin then you would know that many textures from other games have been converted to Kingpin. But if thats not enough and you need even more textures from other games then you should try a program called Game File Explorer.
GFE is a game resource file viewer and ripper which will help mappers convert textures from other game formats.
The main features are:-
a listing of all entries in game container/resource/asset files or in a directory
viewing and converting selected images to bitmaps (.bmp)
extracting other entry types to separate files
ripping wave (.wav) and bitmap (.bmp) files inside any file
playing sound files (waves and Doom sounds)
There are three small downloads totaling just over 500kb so go take a look, it could be just what you need.
Thanks to Sonik for alerting me to this program.

"Custom Weapon Sounds And Taunt Packs"
  posted January 14 - 5:21AM EST by Mr.Damage
I just uploaded all of Sandstorm's custom weapon, taunt and perfect kill sound packs.
The full list is:-

Duke Nukem perfect kill sounds
Shadow Warrior perfect kill sounds
Serious Sam perfect kill sounds
Shadow Warrior female profanity sounds
Sin female profanity sounds

Half-Life weapon sounds
Quake3 weapon sounds
Sin weapon sounds
Soldier of Fortune weapon sounds
Serious Sam weapons sound

I also uploaded the classic southpark taunt pack made by my old friend [TCC]HELLFI$H.

You can grab the taunt packs from here and the weapon sound packs from here.

"Wireplay UK"
  posted January 14 - 5:12AM EST by Mr.Damage
Looks like Wireplay UK is on the way back and hopefully that means some Wireplay Kingpin servers as well :)
Keep checking here for the latest news.

"Deck16 Unreal Tournament Map Conversion"
  posted January 13 - 2:14AM EST by Mr.Damage
(Inc)PHOENIX has been sending me a lot of maps lately. He has a lot more Kingpin maps than me so I wanted to have a look at some of the ones I don't have. I would say the best one he has sent me so far is by [B-R]V!agra, with lighting by Mantis, and is a remake of the Unreal Tournament map DM-Deck16}{.
I couldn't find this map on the net anywhere so I have zipped it up and uploaded it to here.
Btw you can grab a number of other maps by Mantis by visiting Mantis Maps.

"Modelling Program"
  posted January 12 - 10:45PM EST by Mr.Damage
Syl^cs sent word that Insane Software have released a new version of their Character FX program:-
Insane Software has released a new version of their Character FX program and it now supports exporting to md2 format, so this program can now be easier used to animate models for kingpin :)

The latest version is CharacterFX 1.3.1. Its a shareware program and can be used for a trial period of 30 days. You can download it from Insane Software.

"Two New DM Maps By Sonik"
  posted January 12 - 10:03PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sonik has released 2 new DM maps called DMSkate2 and KPWolf.

DMSkate2 is a fun little fragfest map set in a skate park. You can grab it from Poisonville Downloads.

KPWolf is a medium sized map based on RtCW's beach map. You can get this one here.

You can visit Soniks website Soniks Level Design by clicking here.
Btw both maps are also available from FilePlanet.

"Wolf/Werewolf model released"
  posted January 12 - 5:02PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
{GT}KNIGHT released a new fully animated/VWeaped model last month but it got lost in the chaos. The model package currently contains about 12 full skin sets to give some nice variety. A rather nice animated humanoid-like model that should add some fun in the late frag-night marathons.

Grab it from Poisonville Downloads. The model has also been approved by [BC]'s SKIN CHECK system and should show up soon so that people can submit more custom skins (without filename conflicts) shortly.

"Catch The Chicken Source Released"
  posted January 11 - 10:25PM EST by Mr.Damage
The boys from Atrophy have just released the source code for their fun mod Catch the Chicken. Also the Atrophy website has recently gone thru a complete revamp. Check out the mods page as it now has a neat description of each of the mods that the guys released for Kingpin. All of the latest mod files and all their Kingpin maps are avialable for download. So head on over to Atrophy Mod Development and check it all out.

"Beta Of New Map By Sandstorm"
  posted January 11 - 10:19PM EST by Mr.Damage
Sandstorm has released a beta of his new DM map Return to Castle Scarecrow. Its another map with a similar style to KPDM5. Anyhows it a beta so he needs some feedback (hes already got some but why not add your 2 cents worth). You can feedback in this forum post here. You can grab the beta from Poisonville Downloads.

"New Bagman Map By Whoop Ass"
  posted January 11 - 9:30PM EST by Mr.Damage
And the maps just keep on comin :D
Whoop Ass has just released a new Baggy map called Team Fourwayz.
Described by Whoop Ass as:-
team_fourwayz... 7 entrances to each base and very lovely to look at :)
I believe its already up at Hogies. Anyway you can downlaod it from Poisonville Downloads. Whoop Ass has made some of the most interesting and unique maps in Kingpin and I am looking forward to his next map which he says will be a DM map with a circus theme :)

  posted January 11 - 9:13PM EST by Mr.Damage
Ok we hope to have our massive skins section up at Poisonville Downloads shortly. While you are waiting why not check out a whole bunch of skins for the Thug, Runt & Bitch by AkUsEd (aka 5HOR7Y) over at his website here.

There are also a heap of interesting skins over at Saks Skin Sanctuary.

"New Bagman Maps By [YFS]Mayhem"
  posted January 11 - 9:01PM EST by Mr.Damage
[YFS]Mayhem has released two new maps for Bagman. They are 3CTF2 Revised and Taunt Mayhem Again. Both use the KPDM5 style textures.

3CTF2 Revised is a remake of Q3CTF1 and took him about 8 hours to make. You can grab it from Poisonville Downloads.

T_M_A is another nice looking map, no actual safes but flick the switch to open the wall and get to the $$$ bags :) This one took about 12 hours to make. You can get this map from Poisonville Downloads.

"Two New Wintertime Maps"
  posted January 10 - 6:16AM EST by Mr.Damage
Hey, there has been festive season versions of two classic Kingpin maps released - Rival Turf and Sick_re. The new versions are called Rival Turf Xmas and Xmas_re. Both have lots of snow textures, snowmen, Christmas trees and other festive fair. Rival Turf Xmas is by AB|Mr.Kn0xVille and AB|FREDZ but I dont know who made Xmas_re. You can grab Rival Turf Xmas from here and Xmas_re from here.

"New Sanctuary Screenshots "
  posted January 10 - 3:50AM EST by Mr.Damage
Wheelbarrow has uploaded a heap of new screenshots of his upcoming single player map pack called Sanctuary.
I have beta tested several of the early levels and would say this is his best pack ever. You can check out the latest screens over at Wheelbarrows SP Map Page.

If you want to grab any of his early SP map packs (Funeral, The Chase, Gulag or Reprisal) we have them all in the single-player-packs section at Poisonville Downloads.

"Monkey Mod Update"
  posted January 9 - 4:16PM EST by Mr.Damage
TiCaL has taken over the maintaining and updating of the Monkey Mod from Monkey Harris. If you have any info on cheats/hacks etc TiCaL can be contacted here. The latest Monkey Mod Client and Server files can be downloaded from Poisonville or from the Monkey Mod website here. If you visit the MM webby you can see a nice graph showing the number of players using the MM Client in the last 10 days.

In other TiCaL releated news, he is currently working on some new 'mirrored' maps which he should be releasing shortly and he is continuing to work on his great MDX viewer utility. The latest improvement he has added is that now you can save animations to an avi file.

"Two New DM Maps By TeamK9"
  posted January 9 - 4:52AM EST by Mr.Damage
(K9)Creamator and Teamk9 have released two new dm maps.
The first one is a new version of their K9Carpark map. If you have played one of the two earlier versions you would know that its a large map set in and around a big warehouse facility with most of the action taking place outside. You can grab this one from Poisonville.

The second one is their latest release and is called K9Courtyard. This one is a medium sized map with an typical Kingpin urban feel.
You can also download this one from Poisonville. You can grab all the K9 maps, custom texture packs, K9 skins etc by visiting their website TeamK9.

"New DM Map By [YFS]Mayhem"
  posted January 9 - 3:43AM EST by Mr.Damage
[YFS]Mayhem has recently released a new DM map called KPDM5 revised. It is a map in the style and architectural theme of KPDM5 but the layout of the map is very different though and more in line with his earlier DM map KPDMMayhem. You can check this map out by downloading it from Poisonville.

"Wolfflow Mod Update"
  posted January 8 - 7:08AM EST by Mr.Damage
Wolfflow v3.35+ is currently being beta tested on three servers ([BC]'s Cap-N-Yo-Ass I & II, and [FnR] Fraggin Rockers Wolfflow MOD server).
This build is the one which includes the bots. The full install should be released in the next few days.
You now require Pak5 to be able to play and there are two other paks (6 and 7) which enhance gameplay by adding custom sounds, images etc. There is also a sample autoexec and binds config files. You can grab all these files from Poisonville or from TnT's site Dark Wolf Development. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Wolfflow mod you can leave them in the Wolfflow forum there.

"Two New DM Maps By Whoop Ass"
  posted January 8 - 6:44AM EST by Mr.Damage
Whoop Ass has released two new DM Maps. Both are conversions from other games. One is a small DukeNukem3D map called Mancer 2. You can grab that one from here.
The other one is a conversion of one of the singleplayer maps from the game Blood and is called Mausoleum. You can get that one here.

Btw, he has also created a new Bagman map called Team Fourwayz which is already running on Hogies. As soon as he sends it over I'll upload it and post a link.

"New DM Map By Sonik"
  posted January 8 - 6:11AM EST by Mr.Damage
Recently Sonik released a new DM map called Peroxide. Its a small arena style map that he also recommends for the WolfFlow mod. You can download it from Poisonville or from his webiste Sonik Level Design.

"Quake2 Source Code Released"
  posted January 8 - 6:02AM EST by Mr.Damage
As you probably all know by now Carmack finally released the Quake2 Source Code. It can be downloaded from Fileplanet.
What does it mean for Kingpin? Well these guys here are pretty excited about it.
That forum topic is from the forums at this Kingpin site Kingpin University.

"New Mapper/New Maps"
  posted January 8 - 4:35AM EST by Mr.Damage
Ok, Stalina is another new mapper from the Czech Republic. He has made his first three maps - stdm1 (DMStasi), stdm2 (Warez) and stdm3 (Painville). These are all medium sized, typical European style Kingpin maps. These are all good maps but one thing that could be improved is weapon/item placement.
You can download them from our new download section - stdm1, stdm2, stdm3 or from the Marcello's Assassins Clan website here.

"Power Mod Update"
  posted January 8 - 4:20AM EST by Mr.Damage
Greyfoxx now has two other coders helping him out on the Power mod. Captain Death (who is making the Skill mod) and a coder from Quake2, who has discovered Kignpin at last, named Maxxjag. Greyfoxx is also talking to TnT_Trash about adding anti-cheat code.
His friend Styles is making some new skins for all the different classes.
Further good news is that AB|FREDZ is going to convert/port Power to Linux.
There are already about 10 maps ready for the mod and now {K9}Creamator has converted his latest DM map K9Courtyard to Power. Here is a screenshot of K9Courtyard-power:-

K9Carpark Kingpin Power Mod Map

"Downloads available!"
  posted January 6 - 6:44PM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]
Our downloads section is up, and will continue to be expanded.

Our first focus is to mirror all the files lost when TeleFragged/Poisonville.com went down. Expect to see news regarding new files/file sections daily as we get 2-3 gig of files re-organized.

You can wander around now over at: http://downloads.poisonville.net/

"Hello All! - The news system is active!!!!"
  posted January 5 - 12:00AM EST by Truzenzuzex[BC]

Can you say "Sweet Gonads?"

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a big time "f*ck off" to those domain name stealing porn-squaters!
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