As a consequence of reformation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian higher military education the Air Force University, Kharkiv was established. The AF University, Kharkiv was created on the base of the Air Force Institute, Kharkiv and the Military University, Kharkiv. According to the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers directive #433 (10.09.2003) it became the successor to 9 higher military schools and 2 military academies:1

The higher military aviation pilot school named after S.I.Grytsyavets;
The higher military aviation radio-electronics school named after Lenin Komsomol;
The higher military aviation radio-technical Air Defense academy named after L.O.Govorov;
The higher military command-engineering school named after M.I.Krylov;
The higher military aviation engineering school;
The higher military anti-aircraft-command school named after Army general M.F.Vatutin, Poltava;
The Lenin Komsomol higher military aviation pilot school named after, Chernigiv;
The Army Air Defense Military Academy named after O.M.Vasilevsky;
The higher military anti-aircraft school named after Kirov;
The Donbas Proliteriat higher military aviation navigator school named after, Lugansk;
The AF Institute, Kyiv.

       AF University, Kharkiv dates back to 12 November 1930, when the oldest military educational establishment 9th Military Pilot School was created. 
       At all stages of the countrys development concerning Motherland protection and defensibility increase those military educational establishments played the important part. The majority of those educational establishments were created during pre-war and World War 2 period.
       The graduates of those military establishments earned eternal glory with their heroic deeds during World War 2. They destroyed thousands of aircraft, combat vehicles and manpower. Great number of the graduates received governmental awards for their courage and heroism.

     The historical traditions of officers education at the Air Force University, Kharkiv

        ..Among the University graduates there are 513 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 27 graduates received the medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union twice, but Marshal Ivan Mykytovych Kozhedub received this medal 3 times.
After graduation from the Military Aviation Pilot School, Chuguev he was appointed an instructor pilot. His first battle was the Kusrskaya Duga battle in March 1943. During World War 2 Kozhedub performed 330 flights, 120 air fights and shot down 62 enemy aircraft. He was recognized the most efficient pilot of World War 2 by correlation of his air fights and shot down enemy airplanes. After the end of the War he was assigned to a great number of high positions in the Air Force. At different times the military schools, which later were included into the Kharkov Air Force University had been named after the famous leaders: L.O.Govorov, M.I.Krylov, O.M.Vasilevsky, S.I.Grytsavets, M.F.Vatutin.
       World War 2 caused the development of aviation, Air Defense, Missile Forces and artillery. Military schools faced the challenge of training high-qualified military specialists capable of new weapons types control. New faculties and departments were created. The number new specialties was increased. The faculties and departments provided the scientific pedagogical groups capable of independent new specialties training. 
       The AF University, Kharkiv, greatly contributed to the space research and educated 27 cosmonaut-pilots. O.A.Loenov the Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the first man who stepped out into the space was the graduate of this University. Another graduate -P.I.Klimuk was the head of the Cosmonaut Training Center for a long period of time. The University is proud of its graduates awarded with the star of Hero of Ukraine, the 1st cosmonaut of independent Ukraine L.K.Kadenyuk
The graduates of the University participated in peacekeeping operations in different places of the globe, conducted the recovery measures in Chernobyl, guarded the air space of the country.

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