Tom Kovach
January 4, 2007
Short Bursts: Volume 07-01
New SB archive, talk-radio fill-in, more on "Mad Mahmoud," "License" to be stupid
By Tom Kovach

For the new year, this first volume of my "signature series" of columns includes a link to a new Short Bursts archive. The archive is part of my new Web site address (linked in the "bio"), which includes a new e-mail domain. Unfortunately, the move to the new Web site was prompted by an increasing number of glitches at the old site, and at the old e-mail address. (The company that provided the old site and old e-mail were bought out by a company that said they were going to "improve" things. There was nothing wrong with the service ... until the buyout. When my contract with them expires in the summer, they will lose my business. Reminder: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.")

For those that are worried about electronic privacy issues, I do not use any sort of Web-tracking techniques. I will only know "who" visited my site if you send me an e-mail (there is a mail-form) and tell me that you visited. However, I do have a statistics tracker. I would like to get an idea how many people actually read my columns. So, after you read this column, please click onto my Web site even if only for a second.

talk-radio fill-in

The new Web site also includes a few technical upgrades, besides some streamlined content and improved links. One of the upgrades is that I will begin to store some audio files on the site. (And, in the future, perhaps some videos.) I know ... this upgrade is way behind the curve. That's OK. I'd still prefer to ride a horse to work on most days.

Because the new site has audio files, program directors of radio stations can now get a sample of my voice to help them decide if they want me be a talk-radio fill-in while their regular host is out on vacation, etc. (At present, I have no desire to go into talk-radio full time. That could change in about six months, if my other plans go well.) That same page has information if any group would like me to come and speak to them. The topics on which I'm qualified to speak are listed on the Speaker page, but are not limited to the items on that list. I would especially like to give inspirational speeches regarding what happened in the aftermath of my high-speed parachute malfunction. And, I would like to speak to churches regarding my columns about Christmas.

more on "Mad Mahmoud"

In my recent column, "Iran and the parallel universe", I commented that the current President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is so focused on the predicted coming of the Islamic mystic called the Mahdi (Arabic for "guided one") that it is conceivable that he could declare himself to be the Mahdi. Part of my concern is that lukewarm Christians in the West have already fallen for the mamby-pamby feel-goodism lie that "we all believe in the same god." Once someone falls for The Lie that there is no difference between Allah of the Koran and the God of the Bible, then it would only be a short leap until the President of Iran could become "divinely" qualified to become King of the World. (Of course, there might need to be a runoff election with Bill Clinton, but that's another issue.)

Most people in America are mentally stable enough to realize that anyone who would think that way of themselves is not stable. (I'm not against prophecy. But, even most Muslims would agree at least, privately that no living person will "morph himself" into the Mahdi.) "After all," most people would think to themselves, "it would take decades of psychological conditioning to cause a man to become so self-absorbed as to actually think that he can suddenly rule the entire world." And, the people that think that would be right. And, that leads to the point of this Short Burst.

I had an e-mail exchange with a well-known expert on Iran. I agree with him on most points. So, I wrote to ask him if he knew the meaning of the name Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. My thought was that, because every proper name in the Holy Bible has a distinct meaning that corresponds to that person's role in the story, what if the name of the current President of Iran has a meaning that has inspired him to think that he actually could become the Mahdi? Much to my surprise, the expert did not know the meaning of President Ahmadinejad's name; and, he shrugged off the idea that his name could have any significance regarding Mad Mahmoud's grandiose clams and ambitions.

But, my gut kept telling me to research the matter. Not only am I fascinated by the myriad levels of proofs in the Bible (including the name-meaning relationship), but also I used to speak a little Farsi many years ago, when I was at my first duty station in the Air Force. (I learned it from members of the Royal Iranian Air Force back when Iran was still on our side. The skill came in handy a few years later, during the Tehran embassy hostage crisis.) So, I looked up the meaning of the man's name. I was amazed at the result.

His first name, Mahmoud, means "praised" or "praiseworthy." His last name, Ahmadinejad, is actually a compound name. It would be more properly presented "Ahmadi-Nejad." The second part of his last name, Nejad, is a Persian suffix that means "descendant of." The first part, Ahmadi, means "highly praised" or "most highly praised." So, every time he signs his full name, he looks down at the piece of paper and reads, "The Praised Descendant of the Most Highly Praised." Sounds almost like the title "Son of The Most High," doesn't it? Perhaps it isn't so far-fetched after all to think that maybe, just maybe, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad really does think that he is destined to become the Islamic king of the world.

As one of my favorite TV characters, Special Agent Jethro Gibbs (NCIS), often sums it up, "'Ya think?!"

"License" to be stupid

I moved from Upstate NY to Nashville in the summer of 2001. Shortly after the move, Nashville talk-radio giant Phil Valentine got wind of something amiss in the TN state government. (Actually, over the years, Phil has found plenty amiss in the state government.) One day, late in 2001, I was listening to the show and heard a detailed presentation on the fact that the State of Tennessee was giving drivers' licenses to illegal aliens. One group (Tennesseans for Responsible Immigration Policies TnRIP) was formed to take on the state government, and to restore sanity to that policy. The co-founder of that group is Theresa Harmon.

(The goal is to "De-Magnetize Tennessee" a gem of Phil-osophy.)
Source: TnRIP

(Ride included the TN chapter of Rolling Thunder, the veterans' motorcycle group.)
Source: TnRIP

On the morning of Wed, 03 Jan 2007, I was listening to the G. Gordon Liddy show on the radio. Mr. Liddy read a news item about a plan to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. I was stunned, and called Theresa right away. (She helped to organize the two Minuteman rallies, and the Paul Revere Ride stop, in Nashville last year. She made sure that I was able to give campaign speeches at those events. She also made sure that I got to sit with Congressman Tom Tancredo at an event early in my campaign.) As the photos show, Theresa knows how to get people to stand together on the issues.

(Silver-haired candidate Tom Kovach, back to reporter, in the background)
Source: TnRIP

When I told Theresa what I had just heard on the Liddy show, she said, "Well, the illegal aliens are already getting Social Security." If it had been almost anyone else, I might not have believed it. But, after many conversations on complex issues, I know better than to doubt what she says. This woman does her homework. She explained that the new plan is to give them the benefits that they don't already have. Wow.

Then, she went on to shock me even further. She reminded me of the 2001 driver's license scandal that launched TnRIP. Then, she said that the TN General Assembly is about to do it again! I could hardly believe it. But, Theresa went on to explain that an inside source had confirmed that a bill is about to be introduced in the upcoming legislative session that would restore driver's licenses to illegal aliens! We began to plan a strategy. (After a chat, I sent an e-mail to the Liddy show, followed by a call-in.) After calling the Liddy show, I called one of my sources: a lifelong Tennessean with his finger on the pulse of state politics. He explained that the original bill to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens was designed to benefit a handful of wealthy "farmers" (read "plantation owners") in west Tennessee. They hire many illegal aliens, and did not want their employees to be hindered from driving. Ironically, it took TnRIP and allied organizations five years to put a stop to the practice of giving licenses to illegals. Now, the majority Democrats in the State House of Representatives plan to undo that five-year citizen effort.

Not on our watch!

Theresa and I plan to organize a "Day on the Hill" citizen effort to educate the legislators on the folly of restoring driver's licenses to illegals. At present, the legislators plan to go into "full session" (that's another topic...) at noon on Monday, 29 January 2007. We plan to be there with as many supporters as possible to educate the legislators. (We don't "lobby" them; that would be for "lobbyists" to do. We are merely grassroots activists. So far, that distinction is still legal unless US Senator John McCain gets more of his "campaign finance reform" shenanigans passed into law.)

So, please make plans to be on Capitol Hill in Nashville on Monday, 29 January. (There is talk that the legislators might not go into "full" session until the following Monday, 05 February. If that happens, the change will be posted in this column, and on the TnRIP Web site.) We need neat, articulate spokespeople. There is a time and a place where we want Bubba Doublewide to come ready to "hoot and holler and honk your horn"; but, this is not that type of occasion. This is more of a "shirt and tie" event. But, that does not mean that we don't want to evoke passion. It only means that the passion needs to be tempered with reason. We want to "educate," not "alien-ate."

Our goal is to revoke the TN General Assembly's "license" to be stupid.

See you there!

(PS: Please remember to click onto my Web site now, so that I can get a reader count. Thank you.)

© Tom Kovach

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