trinityofone | tales of an unreal city


Nature Boy, Parts 1 & 2
PG-13 | WIP | Crossover with Life on Mars | Alex receives some unexpected visitors, or: Save the copper, save the world?


Blow the House Down
R | Julian Lodge/Nyles Chapman | Crossover with Black Death. "I didn't enter politics to be liked," Julian said.
Done and Done
NC-17 | Julian Lodge/Dr. Emmett | Crossover with Boa vs. Python. In horror and disaster movies, there was always some uptight, pretentious guy who nobody liked, who died in a humiliating manner while everyone in the audience cheered.
Five Things Julian Lodge Feels While Getting Fucked
NC-17 | He is so weak. To want this, to let himself have it.
Julian Lodge is Not Gay
NC-17 | Getting your dick sucked by a man didn't make you gay.
Manus Dare
NC-17 | Julian rewards himself.
Those Who Wander
PG-13 | Crossover with David Hewlett's oeuvre. "There's been some sort of mistake," Julian said, in the careful-slow tone he reserved for children. "I'm not the person you're looking for. I'm not supposed to be here."


Vaguely Downwards
Crowley/Lilith | Pre-Book | NC-17 | He'd been an angel once. He hadn't meant to Fall. He'd just hung around with the wrong people.


Five Futures That Will Parry Never Found
Will/Lyra, Will/Mary, Will/OFCs | Post-TAS | PG | Parry among the women.


Nature Boy, Part 1
PG-13 | Crossover with Ashes to Ashes | Alex receives some unexpected visitors, or: Save the copper, save the world?



Brothers in Arms
G | John has gotten used to the idea of other universes and alternate selves.
Major Ted
Fusion with Father Ted | Crack, PG | Elizabeth bit back a sigh. "Major Crilly, as you know, there have been some problems with your team in the past."
The Numbers
MENSA 'verse | He works hard, erasing the failure of the old John, turning himself almost overnight into a whole new person.
Realm of Dryads
PG | For the A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words challenge | "They're in the trees?" he asked.
Rodney McKay Can Heal Puppies With His Brain
McKay, Sheppard | G | "Sure," said John. Puppy! he thought.
The Twilight Kingdom
PG-13 | "It was our city first. We lived and loved and died here." A tour of Atlantis.
PG | Scenes from another evolution.


The Amazing Adventures of Me, Myself & I, or: Five Times John and Rodney Accidentally Cloned Themselves
NC-17 | Um. See subtitle?
And Time
PG | Dar_jeeling was saying that the Wraith aren't scary. She's right; they're not. But they should be.
And Truth, Beauty
R | There's no one who John meets who doesn't love him a little bit.
Applied Mathematics
PG | AU | 'McKay and Mrs. Miller' tag. If McKay were snippier (which, frustratingly, he's not) he'd say something like, "Why do you think, John?" drawing out his name the way he does, sending through John’s spine shivers of rage and something incalculable.
Are You Experienced?
NC-17 | Follow-up to The No. 1 All-Time Top Frivolous Use of Time Travel | "All right," Rodney admitted, "the pants were a mistake."
As Well As Valor
NC-17 | McKay/Sheppard, McKay/Other | Blowjobs and politesse, a guide; or, a brief history of Rodney McKay.
The Bang and the Clatter
Fusion with Good Omens | PG | Heaven and Hell's North American representatives have an Arrangement, too.
Blind Man's Bluff
PG | They tied the blindfold tight around the back of Teyla's head.
Bottom of the Ninth
PG | AU | Bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded—John Sheppard at bat.
Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You!
Vague Season 2 | R | "You're not the least bit disturbed by this?" John asked. Rodney shrugged. "Well, I'd have preferred a Coffee Bean, but..."
NC-17 | Sometimes Rodney's brain scares him.
Control (These Hands)
Control (Bring Her Down)
Through Trinity | PG-13 | John, Rodney, control: the perfect ménage à trois.
DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam
AU | R | He was aware of the controversy surrounding the application of DADT policy to an international expedition—and an international expedition to another galaxy at that—but in the end, it didn't matter. Everyone got the chip, or they didn't go.
Fusion with His Dark Materials | Vague Season 2 | PG-13 | They had always wanted to fly; John couldn't fly; Nioke flew for him.
Vague Season 2 | NC-17
dis· so· nance n.
1. A harsh, disagreeable combination of sounds; discord.
2. Lack of agreement, consistency, or harmony; conflict.
3. Music. A combination of tones contextually considered to suggest unrelieved tension and require resolution.
PG | Two people, three worlds, and life as a series of not-so-pointless tasks.
Down From Mt. Olympus
Post-Sanctuary | NC-17 | The force is strong with this one.
Eight Ways John and Rodney Gave Themselves Away
Vague Season 2 | PG | Nothing is secret which shall not be made manifest.
An Exceedingly Insular Man
PG | For Zoe Rayne. Don't project. Don't connect. Protect.
NC-17 | Sex in the control chair!
The Four Quarters 'Verse
Four Quarters | AU | R | Teyla is the beautiful one, Ronon is the enigmatic one, and Rodney, of course, is the genius one. But John, John is the star.
The Sea It Swells | AU | NC-17 | "What can I do," John says, standing barefoot in the surf, the ocean crusting salty over the cuffs of his ratty jeans, "what can I do to make you trust me in this?"
The Bellerophon Brothers | AU | Yeah, the joke's on somebody, all right.
Bootleg: The Best of the Puddlejumpers | AU | And I felt like a star/I felt the world could go far/If they listened to what I said. (A text-only version can be found here.)
Tokyo Drift | AU | R | There was a reporter in the limo with them.
Five magazine covers the band was featured on (and why Rodney hates them) | AU | G
La Familia | AU | PG | They're done with scandal; then Teyla gets pregnant and won't tell anyone who the father is.
French Class
Through The Long Goodbye | PG | For Smallbeer: 'John and Rodney have to explain some wacky Earth custom to Ronon.'
The Hollow Men
Through Trinity | PG | He held his hand.
Horses Over the Hill
R | I'm in you, more so when they put me in the ground.
Hounds of Lurve
Vague Season 2 | R | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle meets Kate Bush meets cracked-out 19th Century pastiche. Or: "Colonel, is there a reason you're humping my leg?"
The Human Vacillation 'Verse
Human Vacillation | NC-17 | He had seen something that he was not likely to forget for a long, long time.
Grace | PG-13 | This was something he never thought he'd get to have.
'Sanctuary' | PG | "," he says. "Also, it kinda tickles."
NC-17 | AU | "We can't do this here! If we get caught, you'll never work in this town again!" "Why, 'cause I'm fucking a man?" "'Cause you're fucking your agent!"
The Last of the Winnebagoes
PG | They're turning into the Statler and Waldorf of Atlantis, bitching at everybody from a balcony, their own hands tied.
Learning Curve
NC-17 | For Luthien: 'The second time...'
Little Things
Vague Season 2 | NC-17 | In paradise everybody's happy forever.
Looking for Lamour
PG | Suzy_queue asked for a road trip: "Don't be silly," John says. "You're Bob and I'm Bing; now get in the car and let's go find ourselves a Dorothy."
Magic Marker
Vague Season 2 | PG-13 | John's eyes were wide with horror. "You're telling me that I walked around all day with 'Property of Dr. Rodney McKay' written on my ass?"
Manu Forti
NC-17 | John is forty-six and he is not the one getting married.
Mary Lynne's Revenge
R | Rodney contemplates chicken, John is a connoisseur, and vengeance is, unexpectedly, sweet.
Misery to Man
R | MPreg | "It's science's answer to reincarnation," he said. "Well, alien technology's, anyway."
Mirror Dance
NC-17 | John doesn't like to share. Written for the Big Bang Challenge.
Missionary Position
NC-17 | Um. Kind of what the Season 3 premiere would be like, if it were written by Douglas Adams. And he was on crack.
Mixing Memory and Desire
R | Written for the Badfic Summary Mini-Ficathon, in response to Neery's summary: When an AMNESIC Raawdney is sold to Jon as a slave(!1!), he is TERRIFED of Being RAPED(!) by this MysteriouS, DangerouS, DarK stranger!1! Will there be a happy ending for my OTP??? Will John earn Rodeney's trust? Will Rawdeney regain his memories?
A Monologue for Two Voices
Fusion with His Dark Materials, AU | Prequel to Dæmonology, PG | Tardis80 wanted something about Rodney and faith or Rodney and Tyk. This is both.
The No. 1 All-Time Top Frivolous Use of Time Travel
PG | Oh, like you wouldn't.
Office Hours
NC-17 | AU | WIP | Professor John Sheppard had a gift: by the end of the first class, he could always tell exactly who that semester's troublemaker was going to be.
Playing Tag
R | Dog-tag porn
Pleasure Principle
R | 'Conversion' missing scene(s). Three ways it might've gone.
Pony Up
PG | For Godofwine: 'John buys Rodney a pony.'
NC-17 | AU | John is a priest, Rodney is sin, and I am so going to hell.
A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours
NC-17 | AU | Written for the reel_sga challenge. "Rodney had always figured himself for a man born in the wrong era."
Saddle Club
Sequel to Pony Up | PG-13 |Astolat said: "How about TWO ponies?"
The Sensual World
NC-17 | He took the kiss of seedcake back from his mouth.
Sexual Healing
R | "Okay," Rodney said. "So basically, you're trapped in a crappy--oops, that's redundant--a pornographic version of Pay It Forward. No sex is definitely not an option, so what can we do here?"
Silence Implying Sound
For this prompt in the Urban Legend Slash Challenge. "They need to take seven and they might take yours."
Sing the City Electric
PG | "You know the Ancients loved to leave warning labels. Especially the ones that say, 'Caution—may cause everyone to spontaneously burst into song.'" Written for the McShep Match Challenge.
Sliding Scale
NC-17 | McKay/Sheppard/OFC | It suddenly struck him: for two guys who were enthusiastically balling each other every night (and after lunch, when convenient) they certainly spent a lot of time talking about women.
Something Wicked
McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka | Through Aurora | PG | Faustian bargains were so passé.
Sons of Adam
PG | They both read until the books betrayed them.
PG | A binary star is a stellar system consisting of two stars orbiting around their center of mass. For each star, the other is its companion star.
Sports and Other Metaphors
R | Set after 'Tao of Rodney'. Life throws John curveballs; will he step up to the plate?
PG-13 | 'The Tower' tag. "I didn't, you know."
Tannhauser Gate
PG-13 | Atlantis didn't love him any more than Troy loved its wooden horse.
Through 'Conversion' | PG | Drabble. Rodney dreams of teeth.
Things to Love
NC-17 | After their respective adventures, John and Rodney meet up again.
NC-17 | "You're stealing my cool!" John complained.
Truth, and Other Literary Endeavors
Through 'The Tower' | R | Rodney is writing his autobiography. John has some constructive criticism.
The Universe Is Not Enough
Though Coup d'Êtat, humor | Based on Ficklememeer's postcard. "Deadly-calm, deadly-serious: "I'm a spy," Rodney said."
The U.S.S. Indianapolis
Through 'Epiphany' | PG | What's that one, there, on your arm?//Oh, that's a tattoo. I got it removed.
NC-17 | McKay/Sheppard, other pairings | Someone's watching them.
We Have Lingered
PG | 'Grace Under Pressure' tag. "We have to go back," he says.
The Wing Trilogy
The Man Who Rose From Earth | PG | Yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.
Flux | NC-17 | This is a kind of flying that Rodney can get behind.
The Rise and Fall | PG | This is nothing like what happened to John.
You Must Remember This (Same Old Story Remix)
PG-13 | Remix of You Must Remember This by Auburn | "Do you think we've done this before?" he asks.
You're Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
NC-17 | Rodney crossed his arms under his breasts. "Well, this is stupid. And typical. Both my opportunities for hot gay sex and hot heterosexual sex are ruined!"


Athosian for Beginners
PG | She knew what was happening, but it was impossible. Like suddenly knowing, The sun won't rise in the morning. Gravity doesn't work. The Wraith don't mean any harm...
Lingua Franca
PG | "Does it bother you that we do not speak the same language?"
Two Honeymoons
PG | Teyla got sick on the plane. "There goes my one shot at the Mile High Club," Rodney muttered to himself, helping to hold Teyla steady as she retched into the tiny lavatory at the back of the aircraft
Walk a Klick
PG | Teyla's head was killing her.

Other Pairings

All Roads Lead
PG-13 | McKay/Cadman, incidental Cadman/Beckett and McKay/Sheppard | Five ways Laura Cadman eventually slept with Rodney McKay.
PG | McKay/Carter | Sam thinks up a more fitting punishment for McKay after '48 Hours.'
Something Wicked
McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka | Through 'Aurora' | PG | Faustian bargains were so passé.
NC-17 | McKay/Sheppard, other pairings | Someone's watching them.


And Be One Traveler
Co-written with Amireal | NC-17 | McKay/Sheppard, David/Sheppard, David/McKay.
Joe's Big Fat Gay Wedding
NC-17 | RPF/Joe's Wedding | Joe Flanigan/Rob Fitzgerald | Los Angeles, 1996. A young actor named Joe is about to tie the knot when his old friend Rob blows into town for one last crazy night…



Fifteen Years On
Spike | PG | Future ficlet. Sometimes, the strangeness of it all hits him.

Other Pairings

Cordelia/Lindsey | S5 AU | PG | "You still don't get it, do you?" Lindsey says. "There are no sides."
'Fifteen Years On' Sorta Sequel
Spike/Other | PG | Future ficlet | The call comes in the middle of the night.
The Greatest Love Story Never Told!
Andrew/Avril Lavigne, Spike/Buffy | R | Yes, you read that correctly: Andrew/Avril Frickin' Lavigne. C'mon, you know you want it!
The Last Temptation
Spike/Buffy, William/Cecily | PG | It doesn't have to be this way. (Note: I actually wrote this, unspoiled, BEFORE "Chosen" aired. Because I am teh psychic.)
Like God Made Adam
Drusilla/Warren | S6 AU | R | Dru 1st Person POV (why yes, I am a lunatic). You like to make things, don't you? I like to make things, too. Oh, what fun we'll have, once I'm finished making you.
Spike/Riley | S5| NC-17 | I keep trying to summarize this, but all I can think is: Dude, I wrote Spike/Riley!
Puppets & Strings
Spike/Faith(/Lindsey), Lindsey/Eve | S5 AU | NC-17 | "So you've got the hero, and you've got the quirky sidekick," says your assistant, drawing a sharp fingernail down your spine. "You know what's missing, don't you?" You nod, and she nods with you. "The girl."
Wesley/Faith, Andrew | AtS S5 | NC-17 | Kisses bestowed outside of sex were promises she couldn't afford to keep.
Sleeping With Ghosts
Wesley/Faith | NC-17 | "Let's not play games," says Wesley.


deus ex machina
Post-NFA | PG | I make it all better. Well, somewhat better.
Hate and
AU AtS S5 | NC-17 | Spike has never been the leaving kind.
Men of Good Fortune
Sequel to deus ex machina | Post-NFA | PG-13 | It's a beautiful day. Don't let it get away.
AU AtS S5 | NC-17 | It's just like it was.


But I'm a Superhero!
Spike/Buffy with teases of lots of other pairings | Post-Chosen | R | Double the amnesia, double the fun. Or: The further adventures of Randy Giles. Long.
The Greatest Love Story Never Told!
Andrew/Avril Lavigne, Spike/Buffy | R | Yes, you read that correctly: Andrew/Avril Frickin' Lavigne. C'mon, you know you want it!
The Last Temptation
Spike/Buffy, William/Cecily | PG | It doesn't have to be this way. (Note: I actually wrote this, unspoiled, BEFORE "Chosen" aired. Because I am teh psychic.)
These Shoes
BtVS S6 | NC-17 | Buffy, Spike, evil shoes. Humor.
Fusion with His Dark Materials | AU 'Beneath You' | PG | There was something wrong with Spike's dæmon.
What We Keep
Spike/Buffy, Xander/Anya | Post-Chosen | PG | There are the things she remembers, and the things she doesn't.


Lust For Life
AU AtS S5 | PG-13 | "I stole Angel's car and kidnapped you." Faith shrugged. "It was Giles's idea."
Puppets & Strings
Spike/Faith(/Lindsey), Lindsey/Eve | AU AtS S5 | NC-17 | "So you've got the hero, and you've got the quirky sidekick," says your assistant, drawing a sharp fingernail down your spine. "You know what's missing, don't you?" You nod, and she nods with you. "The girl."


She's Like a Rainbow
AU BtVS S4 | NC-17 | She comes in colors, everywhere.
Summer of the Snake
Spike/Tara, Dawn | Post-The Gift | NC-17 | Sometimes Dawn likes to pretend that Spike and Tara are her parents.