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Anime Reviews Serial Experiments Lain

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—by Michael Poirier

Followup to the previous review in EX 4.8:

Eloquently poignant and absolutely breathtaking, the final volume of SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN brings this remarkable series to a bittersweet and enigmatic conclusion.
  That is not to say that these last three episodes of LAIN fail to resolve the questions raised in previous volumes. Indeed, the mystery of Lain's identity and the nature of her powers in the virtual and physical worlds are almost completely explained without any deus ex machina tricks. However, the larger themes surrounding this show are deliberately left open in the viewer's imagination: what does it mean to be "real?" How has technology changed society? How has it affected the human soul?
  Masterfully manipulating stunning visuals to portray powerful emotions, the finale of LAIN presents the fury of an angry "god," the sadness of a confused young girl and, ultimately, a kind of quiet final happiness. While the plot might take occasionally obscure and complicated turns, the sincerity and power of the feelings presented on-screen are unmistakable.
  In the end, SERIAL EXPERIMENTS LAIN is a truly unique and challenging anime. Elegant and elegiac, LAIN concludes with true tenderness towards its own characters but haunting implications for our wired world.

Product Information

Released in North America by Pioneer Entertainment (U.S.A.) L.P.
Rated for ages 16 Up, 75 minutes
Vol. 4 "RESET": VHS dubbed: PIVA-2234D $24.98
VHS subbed: PIVA-2234S $29.98
DVD PIDA-2234V $29.98
Available now in the U.S.A.
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