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Georgia Frontiere, Owner of the St. Louis Rams Football Team Passed Away Today

Georgia Frontiere has the distinction of being one of the very few women owners of a major sports franchise, the St. Louis Rams football team. She is not only recognized for her enthusiastic support and commitment to the team, but also for her generous charitable contributions and numerous activities in a wide range of worthy causes.

A patron of the arts, Georgia is a fascinating, complex, and colorful woman whose roller coaster life experiences as a professional opera soprano, Tony-nominated Broadway producer, TV talk show host, poet, wife, mother, and highly successful CEO and majority owner of a major sports franchise have made her a most admired and respected Renaissance woman around the world.

She inherited the Los Angeles Rams franchise in 1979 when her husband, Carroll Rosenbloom, tragically lost his life while swimming off the south coast of Florida. Since that time Georgia has been the constant driving force behind the great success of the Super Bowl Champion Rams, which today enjoys the position of being one of the most valuable franchises in all of professional sports.

Fifty years after leaving St. Louis, Georgia moved the Rams from Los Angeles to her home town in 1995. "St. Louis is my home," said Frontiere, "and I brought my team here to start a new dynasty. Bringing an NFL team to St. Louis was a dream come true for me and this great city, and I believe that winning the Super Bowl has been instrumental in helping this community gain the recognition that it deserves."

A native of St. Louis, Mo., Georgia was born at St. Marys Hospital, November 21, 1927, the daughter of St. Louis businessman Reginald Irwin and Lucia Pamela Beck, an American musician and bandleader who was voted Miss St. Louis in 1926. Lucia was featured in Ripleys Believe It or Not for memorizing a record 10,000 songs, and later formed what is thought to be the first professional all-girl orchestra.

When Georgia was just 15, her parents divorced. It was during this period that Georgia attended Hamilton Elementary School and Jr./Sr. Seldan High School. "I have many wonderful memories of playing sports at Hamilton School while growing up in St. Louis," said Georgia. "We mostly played softball, and I was a pretty good outfielder and batter. I loved ice skating, and went nearly every afternoon to the Winter Garden and paid only 25 cents, provided that I helped teach some beginners during part of my practice. I also played sandlot or gravel lot football, until the boys got too big. To this day, when I see a wide receiver catch the ball, I remember and relate back to my childhood experiences.

"My uncle Chauncey taught me to play golf when I was seven or eight," Georgia continued. "I played with six clubs, and carried them myself (they were taller than I was). Golf is still one of the games I play as often as I can."

From the time she left St. Louis at age 18 in 1945 Georgia traveled throughout America and Europe doing a host of singing jobs. She was discovered singing in Key West, Fla., by Tennessee Williams, which eventually led to her becoming a "Today" Show co-host with Dave Garroway for several months, and then to her own daily talk show in Miami, Fla. A fan of the TV show, Joseph P. Kennedy, father of president-to-be John F. Kennedy, asked her to a dinner party at his Palm Beach mansion. It was at that dinner that she met Carroll Rosenbloom. She was 30, he was 50, they fell in love and later married. They had two children, a son, Dale "Chip" Rosenbloom, and daughter, Lucia Rodriguez, both of whom are married and live in Southern California.

"Our mother is a Rosenbloom," Chip and Lucia said. "People dont realize that our parents were together for 20 years, and our mother was the love of our fathers life. He wanted her to have the team, and shes done a tremendous job as an owner. Mom and Rams Vice-Chairman Stan Kroenke have a great relationship as owners, and there are no plans to change the dynamic of the ownership. In 1997 our mother and Stan, with the help of Rams president John Shaw, created the St. Louis Rams Foundation and, to date, the Foundation and the Rams have contributed more than $5 million to charities in the St. Louis region."

Georgias many philanthropic activities have included being a board member for Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America, national board member of the American Foundation for AIDs Research, NFL Alumni Board of Governors, Board of Trustees of St. Louis University, member of the St. Louis Symphony, the St. Louis Zoo, among others. Internationally, Georgia is on the board of directors of the American Air Museum in Britain in Duxford, England, the St. Johns Ambulance Brigade of Great Britain, and has been a major contributor to the St. Johns Ophthalmic Hospital in Jerusalem. Georgia Frontiere is a beneficiary of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for Community Involvement.

Georgia is an accomplished soprano, having recently joined Bill Hayes and Richard Fredricks for an "Evening With Lerner and Loewe" with the St. Louis Symphony. She has performed several concerts with the Beverly Hills Pops Orchestra, and was twice the featured soloist at the Easter Sunrise Services at the Hollywood Bowl. Her love for music and opera influenced her to become a member of the Golden Horseshoe of the New York Metropolitan Opera, and is a member of the Founders of the Los Angeles Music Center Opera Board. "Funny, in my early days, I thought Id become a big opera star in Europe," Frontiere said.

Georgia has homes in St. Louis, Mo, Sedona, Az, and Malibu, Ca, where she now spends a good deal of her time being close to her son and daughter and her grandchildren. For the past 19 years, Georgia and her long-time companion Earle Weatherwax have joyfully shared their life together.

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