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The Handbook of Broken This is intended to be a repository for broken game elments (powers, items, features, combos). The hope is that it will serve several purposes:
  • Catalog given exploits, to help avoid continual rediscovery.
  • Give credit to those that push the theoretical limits
  • Give DMs a good sense of what might cause problems.
  • Serve as a focal point for suggesting fixes.

What this should NOT be is a list of elements to ban. Particularly in the Bent section, the elements can likely be used in real games and all will still have fun. Even in the broken sections, someone could have all the elements of the combo, and as long as they don't/can't use it there isn't a problem.


I'd like to have the discussion in a discussion thread that's being maintained in the Character Optimization forum. Please go here to comment, suggest new entries, suggest new expressions of existing entries, etc.

To add an element, please have
  • A clear and concise explanation of the exploit/combo.
  • A reference to the original thread/post/finder.
  • How broken is it? (see below)

I'd appreciate a suggested house rule for a DM to use if the exploit is causing problems in their game.

If an element in the combination already does infinite damage, then feel free to add other expressions of that element that also do infinite damage... But please ignore new versions that do less damage. My goal is to catalog the most broken exploit of game elements, not to list every possible possibly overpowered expression.References: