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In honoring our past, we know that collaboration is imperative for a peaceful and prosperous future. 

Hosted by One Becoming One, "One:The Event" is a collective effort made possible by a constellation of organizations, media partners and artists! 

A few voices joining forces in One The Event 9/11 & Gathering 9/9-9/10 include:

Lindsay Wagner, Nassim Haramein, Masuro Emoto, Ocean Robbins, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Daniel Sunjata, John Perkins, Peter Ragnar, Diana Stobo, Dr. Vernon Sylvest, James Twyman, James O'Dea, Chief Sonne Reyna, Mikki Willis, Duke Duchscherer, Sylvia Clute, Greg Wendt, Soleil, Melanie St. James, Jamaica Stephens, Dr. Pat Baccili (of The Dr. Pat Show), Joseph Jacques & more!

In the days after 9/11 thousands of people came to Seattle Center and other locations worldwide with notes, flowers, and to connect with their fellow humanity. Ten years later, Seattle is responding with a global collaborative effort to recognize this anniversary as an opportunity to shift from fear to love - and a new beginning based in whole system solutions.


Please join us in taking three key actions:

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  • JOIN US either on the ground in Seattle, by global webcast, and in your heart and focused intent!

The countdown is on. Make The Shift by harnessing the power of 9/11 and pulling off a coup d'etat of Love!

Photo of Seattle community gathered at the Seattle Center in days after 9/11 Photo: Auston James


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Erik Lawyer
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