Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Amazon Settles Antitrust Lawsuit Filed by BookLocker

Normally, I don't post to this blog except on Thursdays and Sundays, but this news was way too big to wait another day. What's happened is that Amazon has called it quits in the antitrust lawsuit BookLocker filed against it. Yes, Amazon has thrown in the towel and settled its differences with, who claimed that Amazon tried to force them and other POD (that's print-on-demand, folks) publishers to pay BookSurge (the name at the time, since changed to CreateSpace) to print their books or lose their "buy it now" buttons on Amazon.

Here's the post that discusses the class action lawsuit that resulted and its settlement. (BookLocker absolutely refused to make it a confidential settlement. Whoa, Nelly! Amazon must have really wanted to fraking settle this.)

Anyhow, looks like David just beat Goliath again.


Anonymous said...

YES! Angela Hoy at BookLocker is my hero. This was a case of me (a pod author) feeling helpless and abused by a big company. Thank goodness for laws in this country!

Debbi said...

And thank goodness the system actually seems to work sometimes.

Thanks for writing, Anon. (If I may call you that. :))